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Found 4 results

  1. codeminer

    Virtual Host

    Just messing around with apache config file, if you look in dashboard you can find a link called How To ,If you click it will it will bring you to a menu with a list of topics with step by step instruction on how to set up different browser functions. For instance setting up sub-domains ,virtual-host,alias which to me are very much the same thing and use the same directives . I followed all the instruction to create sub-domains everything went very easy and smooth . The only thing i don't like about it is that every time you create a sub-domain you have to manually add the ip address to system 32 /driver/extra/ext/host file the only way to get around this they explained was to use a domain name server "DNS" or a proxy DNS .so i went and found me a proxy DNS installed it on my machine BOOM THAT BABY WORKS LIKE A CHARM. Just thought id drop a link in case any of you would like to add sub-domains without having the need to manually add the ip addres to your host file. Here the link to Acrylic DNS Proxy http://mayakron.altervista.org/wikibase/show.php?id=AcrylicHome hope this helps somebody if you need help on installing let me know and i will post the instructions
  2. Hi, I am trying to learn basics of the SQL and following the tutorials on w3schools. Yesterday I was reading SQL Aliases and "Trying it myself". The following code returns 10 rows, each of them being zero. Am I missing something? SELECT FirstName + ' ' + LastName AS Name FROM Employees; Thanks.
  3. this is my SQL: SELECTprodukter.p_id,produkter.p_titel,produkter.p_kunstner,produkter.p_oprettet,image_url.img_url,genre.g_navn,priser.pr_prisFROMprodukter INNER JOIN produkter ON produkter.p_FK_pris = priser.pr_id INNER JOIN image_url ON image_url.img_FK_products = produkter.p_id INNER JOIN genre ON produkter.p_FK_genre = genre.g_id and i cannot see what the heck is wrong... ideas?...and how to fix ect Oo...
  4. Greetings, I've used sql to a moderate degree within vba and some third-party software (i.e. ReportWriter) and for the most part I do ok. I currently have a report I am trying to generate with an underlying sql query and I just can't get it to work. I was able to mimic what I needed in MS Access but there are some syntax and formatting that I have not used before. I've looked through the examples but I'm missing something. The report will displays radio assets that have Not been assigned a workorder ticket for a current project that is underway. Particulars:- ProjectID=27 if the asset has/had a workorder created for the project. NULL otherwise.- CategoryID=21, 22 or 24 if the radio asset can be assigned the ProjectID (21=Portable Radio, 22=Mobile Radio, 24=Control Station) * I've created a report that shows all the assets that have been assigned the ProjectID=27 which was easy enough but I have to be able to query a view table that has both Current and History records - with that said, you can possibly have the same AssetID multiple times. What I've tried to do is perform a query that will1. Pull All AssetID's with CategoryID in(21,22,24) from ASSET_V table.2. Left Join the Asset_V table (assetid) with WorkOrderAll_V table (assetid) / Where ProjectID=27 AND with CategoryID in(21,22,24)3. Left Join both (1 & 2) Where WorkOrderAll_V.assetid Is Null. I have two tables with the fields below: Asset_V-----------asset_v.assetidasset_v.serialnumberasset_v.categoryasset_v.agencygroupasset_v.agencynameasset_v.agencyidasset_v.categoryid ServiceCodeIDasset_v.assignedtoasset_v.vehicleidasset_v.aglocationasset_v.descriptionasset_v.modelnumberasset_v.statusid assetStatusIDasset_v.status WorkOrderAll_V--------------------workorderall_v.assetidworkorderall_v.projectidworkorderall_v.statusidworkorderall_v.status woStatusworkorderall_v.wotype SELECT DISTINCTROWasset_v.assetid,asset_v.serialnumber,asset_v.category,asset_v.agencygroup,asset_v.agencyname,asset_v.agencyid,asset_v.categoryid ServiceCodeID,asset_v.assignedto,asset_v.vehicleid,asset_v.aglocation,asset_v.description,asset_v.modelnumber,asset_v.statusid assetStatusID,asset_v.status,r1.projectid,r1.statusid,r1.status woStatus,r1.wotypeFROM (asset_vLEFTJOIN (SELECT DISTINCTROW a1.ASSETID, a1.CATEGORYID ServiceCodeID FROM asset_v as a1) )LEFTJOIN (SELECT r1.assetid, r1.projectid FROM workorderall_v as r1) ON a1.assetid = r1.assetid WHERE (((a1.CATEGORYID) In (21,22,24)) AND ((r1.projectid)=27)) WHERE (((a1.ServiceCodeID) in (21,22,24)) AND ((r1.assetid) IS NULL))
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