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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I hope this subject should be under javascript.. If you design a great website using angularJs, might sound great but what about search engines and visitors without js or whatever other stuff it needs. Could you guys give me some ideas on this subject? Example design a website like gumtree.com, the content is the main thing which is the main thing to be handled by angular, but how you deal with the search engines? Heard about prerender but is google going to look at each possible variation as a new page(which would be good) also if not all your content needs to be dynamic, example you have many static stuff and writings plus products. Is it better to only use angular JS on the product area and keep as much as possible in html? Could I use angular to boost search engine results, like each variation for your product is being seen by google like an new page, more pages = better results.. What if someone does not have JS at all? Is almost anyone have JS installed on the device to have angular be so popular? Also is there a way to use the prerender version of the website for non JS visitors? Like example gumtree. You need to allow the users to post adverts, which has to be stored in a database. Nice and everything, but in this case you can not just write a html version and load that one for each non-JS visitors because that case you would have to modify it each time someone posts a new ad. Is there any automatic way of doing this or any way of having a simple html page automatically created for non js visitors, but having accurate data there! hope you guys can understand what I was on about.
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