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Found 2 results

  1. BACKGROUND: My goal is to emulate on my local server what occurs on my remote server for the purpose of offline development. On my remote server I have two add-on domains called grammarcaptive.com and nudge.online. I also have one subdomain called tutor.grammarcaptive.com. The content folder for tutor.grammarcaptive is located in the same folder as the grammarcaptive.com folder. All of these domain and subdomain name servers communicate with the same MySQL databases. I have not yet set up MySQL, but PHP is working well in a simple localhost environment that points to a root document folder at /Library/Webserver/Documents. However, all of my content on my local server resides in the same /Users/username/Sites folder. It is to this folder that I would like Apache to point and, of course, PHP to point. I am working in a MacOS 10.15.4 operating environment using Apache 2.4.41. I envision a file structure as follows: /Users/username/Sites/grammarcaptive.com /Users/username/Sites/grammarcaptive.com/tutor /User/username/Sites/nudge.online Once again, it is crucial that I have three virtual domain servers of which each can send HTTP Requests to the other. Once again, the three servers should be called: grammarcaptive.com tutor.grammarcaptive.com nudge.online QUESTION ONE: Is this a reasonable goal? QUESTION TWO: If this goal is reasonable, how would I go about setting it up? QUESTION THREE: If this goal is unreasonable, what work around would you recommend? Please advise. Roddy
  2. Hello all, I"m kinda new in all this coding thing. im trying to learn some php and sql. ive installed apache24 on my windows10 computer. i can access my localhost files. my question is, lets say i make a site and save it so when i enter localhost i can see it, how can i show it to my friend for exmple who is somewhere else. if i give him my ipv4 adreess he cant log in, i must be doing something wrong here, thank you in advance for your help
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