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Found 9 results

  1. is it compulsory to declare dir Attribute doesn't the lang="en" is self explanatory should we use it sparingly or declare for specific purposes
  2. Hi, in some code of w3schools, I found that there is !important attribute. But I didn't understand it's using. Guys, please help me to understand it. Thank you in advance.
  3. i have been going through the CSS attribute selector tutorial and have encountered problem i cannot resolve. I wrote my code as per the "try it yourself". As far as i can tell my code is written identical to the CSS tutorial. Below is an example of what I wrote: [target~="red"] {border: 1px solid red;} or [title^="tulip"] {background-color: red;} I set up a style sheet in notepad ++ and in my style sheet, the code in bold type remains black - which tells me my app isn't recognizing that bit of code as code. I have attached the style sheet so you can see what my code is doing. I cannot figure out where I went wrong. has anyone else encountered this? were you able to resolve it and how? thanks! attributeselectors-styles.css
  4. What are actually the rules for php inline coding? are there rules or can you just use all attribute that can have a value in combination with php?
  5. Where online can I find a good tut about inline php coding? I have practiced it and used it, but I'm not sure what is allowed and I would like to read some more examples.
  6. Can someone give an example of a php script that lets a form with checkbox input choose between 2 different pages when it is checked or not. Actually the dilemma is that the action attribute is sending form data to another pages (2 pages) - but dont know what code to use - . So if the checkbox isnt checked a third page should load in the browser.
  7. I am attempting to fill a deck of cards data similar to a TCG into a xml file so I can pull the data from it later in Unity using C#. The error I am getting when trying to run it in any web browser is: This page contains the following errors:error on line 6 at column 8: error parsing attribute name Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error. Here is the code starting at line 6: <cardId ="01"> <type name = "Boss"> <title>Gorgona</title> <xp>500 XP</xp> <treasureIcon>Treasure</treasureIcon> <heading>Queen of Medusia</heading> <levelUp>Level Up: Choose a Hero in town. Immediately kill that Hero and place it face-down in your scorekeeping area.</levelUp> </type> </cardId> I've looked over it but can't find what I am missing. If anyone could provide an answer that would be ideal. I am sure its something simple I am missing but I don't see it.
  8. Hi I try add search to my page but it does not workin w3 it said:search value use Links to a search tool for the documenthttp://www.w3schools...tt_link_rel.aspplease help methanks <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><link rel="search" type="text" href="www.google.com"></head><body><h1>I am</h1><p>Me too!</p></body></html>
  9. Hello all, I have following XML structure: <customlink xlink:href="anydoc.xml" xlink:title="a linked document">A document</customlink> How should an XML schema xsd-file look like that allows the xlink attributes? I've tried something like this: <complexType name="customlink" mixed="true"> <attribute name="xlink:href" /></complexType> But it doesn't work.
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