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Found 5 results

  1. The example of the AutoComplete Textbox on W3Schools does not work when as entry has an apostrophe in it. It populates the textbox with the characters before the apostrophe but not after. This is a bug. How do you fix this issue? To reproduce this issue, go to the following link. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_autocomplete.asp Type in the text box the letter T and try to select "Timor L'Este Thanks
  2. I have an autocomplete() function connected to a MYSQL database. The jquery is completely run of the mill: $(function() { $(".choose_venue").autocomplete({ source: "list_venues.php", minLength: 1 }); }); ...and if I manually add a query such as "list_venues.php?term=Ku" onto the URL of list_venues.php, then that page gives a appropriate response (such as the following): [{"name":"Fonderie Kugler"},{"name":"Kulturhaus Helferei"},{"name":"Kunstraum Walcheturm"}]So, a simple `input` such as the following *sh
  3. I had chosen autocomplete using jquery and javascript for my website. In this image, default feature are one text input, one availableTags and one source. I want to develop more than one availableTags same as image but ... maybe autocomplete formula was wrong when i add "switch function". Who can help me!!!
  4. i'm Vietnamese, i can understand English but my customer is not. when i used search autocomplete, the returning value doesn't understand some different languages, example "d" is "dam" but not is "đầm". i had translated into Vietnamese via jquery feature. Thanks for JQUERYUI.COM
  5. i'm trying to work with jquery autocomplete using 'jquery.js' & 'jquery.autocomplete.js'. everything is working fine. but when i press 'Enter' after selecting one of the results it gives, i cant find where the pointer reaches. what i expect it is if i press 'Enter' then i want it to select (or focus) that same or next input field. in jquery.autocomplete.js file there is something written for the 'Enter' button $input .keydown(function(e) { // track last key pressed lastKeyPressCode = e.keyCode; switch(e.keyCode) {// ................// ................ case 13: // return i
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