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Found 2 results

  1. BACKGROUND: I have, somewhat miserably, copied code from one document to another and changed a word in multiple locations in the copied code in an effort to adapt to a different environment. Unfortunately, the result of the copied code is not identical with the result of the code that was copied. Now, there are obvious places to look for the discrepancy, and this I have surely done. Still, I can not find the source of the discrepancy. In an effort to duplicate my frustration, please follow the steps below: STEP ONE: Open to the Grammar Captive mainpage. STEP TWO: Find the navigation bar on your left and the menu item named Local Search. STEP THREE: Click on the word Newsletter. STEP FOUR: Enter into the appropriate box the number of the word-number phrase and click on the SEARCH button. DO NOT enter a keyword! STEP FIVE: Watch how the main content scrolls to the bottom of the respective div. STEP SIX: Repeat STEPS ONE thru FOUR, but in STEP THREE, click on the word Podcast. STEP SEVEN: Notice the absence of scrolling. This is the preferred behavior. QUESTION: What is causing the div to scroll in the one case, but not the other? Roddy
  2. BACKGROUND: The same code does to different things in two different environments neither of which is good. Another baffling phenomenon that is probably my doing, but I do not understand. On my iPhone: the scroll simply does not do its job. When the hidden <div> is opened the dynamic action is suppose to return the page to a designated position automatically. It appears, however, to move the page to the save relative position that it was in before the scroll, but now relative to the new <div>. On my computer: the automated scroll functions just as intended, but then any manual scrolling thereafter stutters briefly before the page becomes normal. You may observe this phenomenon by clicking on the link And, more... after opening to the GC Tutor item from either the navigation bar on the Grammar Captive mainpage or the Grammar Captive subdomain tutor.grammarcaptive.com. The CODE .click(function() { var hm_content = $("#handyman").html(); $(".hidden_tr").slideToggle(function() { $("#replace_td").html(hm_content); $('body, html').animate({scrollTop: $('#your_tutor').offset().top},800); }); }) Roddy
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