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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I would like to position one picture in the same way as it’s positioned at the buttom of this document but I don’t get it. What I’m talking about is the background-picture of this. The problem is not, to generally set the background-picture, however I don’t manage to set it like in the document. Here the page. Best wishes, Chris
  2. Hello, How may I use the <picture> tag to change the sizing of a (background or other) image depending on the device size? For example, let's say the current CSS is: .bgimg { background-position: center; background-size: cover; background-image: url("img/large.jpg"); min-height: 75%; } So rather than using the W3C code of: <!-- Header with image --> <header class="bgimg w3-display-container w3-grayscale-min" id="home"> Instead it would look something like this: <!-- Header with image --> <header id="home" class="w3-display-container w3-grayscale-min"> <div> <picture> <source media="(min-width: 1501px)" background-image="img/large.jpg" style="background-position:center, width:2000px;"> <source media="(min-width: 601px)" background-image="img/medium.jpg" style="width:1500px"> <img background-image="img/small.jpg" alt="picture" style="width:600px"> </picture> </div> Ultimately, my goal is this: 1. to specify the width and height for each image 2. have the picture change depending on the device size 3. have the image also cover the available container size to 100% width Any help would be hugely appreciated. Kind regards
  3. Don't matter the browser size, I need that the picture ocup 100% the browser height. For this, I just set the img heith in 100vh, and the code works fine. But, I also need this image be horizontal centered in the browser. For this, I've set the text align of my DIV that contain my IMG in center. When the browser width is greater than the img width, it works fine. But, if the browser width is less than the img width, the img go left aligned. I really need that img be centered in the browser size all the time, don't matter the conditions. I just know that I can do it replacing the img for background-image and set the background-position in center. But, if I did it, Google will not index my images and it results in a big trouble for me. <!doctype html> <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <title>Untitled Document</title> <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="code/css/test.css"> </head> <body> <div> <img src="image.jpg"> </div> </body> </html> * { margin: 0; padding: 0 } div { background-color: red; text-align: center; } img { height: 100vh; } (The picture I'm working is 1680px x 945px) At the image below I'm showing the correct horizontal align for this picture. Centered: https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/certo-jpg-feef13d2-44d2-407b-8b1b-f334107cb371 And... At this another image, I'm showing the error it ocurrs. The picture is left aligned and crop only the right side of the picture: https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/errado-jpg-746c72b8-36d2-4942-9895-0cfb43abd77d What I need is... When the browser width is less than the img width, the picture still be centered in the browser, resulting that the image would be cropped both sides, ledt and right sides, and it will result in this specifically image, the church in background will be centered in the browser all the time. It was a simple example that what I need. Is there any way for center this image like I need using only CSS? I will be very grateful to anyone who can help me with this problem. Thanks. Greetings from Brazil.
  4. I am trying to have my background in my division take up it's full height but it is only taking up the height of the header. I've tried setting the height but it doesn't budge. It will only fill as much content as I have in the section, the problem is I only want the one header and that's all. I am simply trying to recreate a webpage that I made on weebly with for my class in html but I am really stuck on this. I will post the code below and a screen shot. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> .first { background-image: url('trampoline.jpg'); margin-bottom: 1000px; background-size: cover; } .column { float: left; padding: 15px; } .clearfix::after { content: ""; clear: both; display: table; } ul { list-style-type: none; margin: 0; padding: 0; overflow: hidden; background-color: #333; } li { float: left; font-family: arial; } li a { display: block; color: white; text-align: center; padding: 14px 16px; text-decoration: none; } li a:hover { background-color: #111; } .footer { background-color: grey; color: white; padding: 15px; } </style> </head> <body> <ul> <li style="float:right"><a href="#news">HOME</a></li> <li style="float:right"><a href="#contact">ABOUT ME</a></li> <li style="float:right"><a href="#about">ABOUT FAMILY</a></li> <li style="float:right"><a href="#about2">ABOUT SCHOOL</a></li> </ul> <div class="first"> <h1>Hi, I'm Mr. Buza. Technology teacher</h1> </div> <div class="clearfix"> <div class="column content"> <h1>The City</h1> <p>Chania is the capital of the Chania region on the island of Crete. The city can be divided in two parts, the old town and the modern city.</p> <p>You will learn more about web layout and responsive web pages in a later chapter.</p> </div> </div> <div class="footer"> <p>Footer Text</p> </div> </body> </html>
  5. This Code Isn't Working: <script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.12.4/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> $(document).ready(function(){ $("#area").animate({ backgroundImage:"url('image2.png')" },2000); }); </script> <style> #area { width:100%; height:600px; background-image:url("image2.png"); } </style> <div id="area"></div>
  6. Hi all, I just finished a webdesign course for home study. Now I am working on my first assigment but it's going quite the way I want... I want to use a background image in my header div. Here is my code, what am I doing wrong? Can anybody help me please? Thank you! my CSS: #header { background-image: url(header.jpg); background-size: cover; background-position: fixed; text-align: center; width: 100%; height: 200px; top: 100px; } HTML <div id="header"> <header> <div class="nav"> <ul> <li><a href="">Home</a></li> <li><a href="">About</a></li> <li><a href="">Classes</a></li> <li><a href="">Contact</a></li> </ul> </div> </header> </div>
  7. Hi, can somebody help me with the following task? I am trying to make a gallery with small "preview" pictures, which are in form of background-images. After the click on one of these small pictures, i want to display a "window" (<div> actually) with full-sized picture. Everything works fine. But afterthat, i want to insert "<" and ">" symbols for switching on previous/next picture to my <div> "window". I tried different ways, but without success. I have no idea how to get index of active "smallImages", tj. img, whose url is now src of "largeImg". (btw. I have to convert "smallImages" Node List to array probably and then use IndexOf and nextElementSibling, but i am not sure how to do it) Code example: https://jsfiddle.net/t3yLjsoe/2/ (in reality, i have cca 20 different galleries (with differenr url path), 40 pictures in each of them. Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor English. HTML: <div id="spaceForLargeImg"> <!-- space for large pictures --> <span id="previousImg"><</span> <img id="largeImg" src="" /> <span id="nextImg">></span></div><div class="pictures"> <div class="thumb" style="background-image: url('images/mohelno/img1.jpg');" title=""></div> <div class="thumb" style="background-image: url('images/mohelno/img2.jpg');" title=""></div> <div class="thumb" style="background-image: url('images/mohelno/img3.jpg');" title=""></div></div> JS: function imgChange(){ var smallImages = document.getElementsByClassName("thumb"); var spaceForLargeImg = document.getElementById("spaceForLargeImg"); var largeImg = document.getElementById("largeImg"); function displayImg(e){ var activeImg = e.target; var url = activeImg.style.backgroundImage; var urlNew = url.slice(4, -1).replace(/"/g, ""); largeImg.src = urlNew; spaceForLargeImg.style.display = "block"; } for (i=0;i<smallImages.length;i++){ smallImages[i].addEventListener("click", displayImg); }}imgChange(); CSS: #spaceForLargeImg{ display: none;}.pictures{ overflow: scroll; overflow-y: hidden; white-space:nowrap;}
  8. I'm trying to extend my background-image across the entire webpage to act as a header. Image it as the blue header that facebook has at the top of their page. For some reason there is white space to the left of the background image, but the right extends all the way to the end of the web browser. I want to extend the background image all the way to the right side of the browser as well. Can you help with my code? HTML <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css"></head><body> <div id="container"> <div class="stuff"> <img src="black.png" id="black"></body></html> CSS #container { white-space: nowrap; position: relative;}.stuff { min-width: 100%;} trying.html styling.css
  9. <tr style="background-image: url("background-image.jpg")"></tr> I wonder how we can get the attribute (url).I'm not sure about it. document.getElementsByTagName("tr").getAttribute("style.backgroundImage");
  10. I have run into a problem coding for a background image to be positioned absolutely to the top right of my column3 div container. I've attempted to give the image the following properties: position:absolute; top:0; right:0However, the image shows up, on the top left instead of top right. That said, the image is in a div that is floated left and has a z-index and therefore a position of relative. This is the only thing that I can figure to be causing the problem. If you think this is the problem, is there any way around it? If you don't think this is the problem, what might it be. On another note, something I hope you might help me understand is why the background-repeat:no-repeat; only works outside of the img style. I would expect it to work inside the img style, but instead it repeats. Thanks in advance for your help. Here is a link to the page http://aphoniastudio...2/about_ss.html and here is the css: @charset "UTF-8";/* CSS Document */ html {height:100%}body {background: #CCC;width: 95%;height: 95%;overflow: hidden;}a:link {color:#FFF; text-decoration:none;}a:visited {color:#FFF; text-decoration:none;}a:hover {color:#FFF; text-decoration:underline;}a:active {color:#FFF; text-decoration:none;}ul:active {background-color:#E1231E;}ul:visited {background-color:#E1231E;}.aboutlinks a:visited {color:#E1231E;}.aboutlinks {color:#E1231E; word-spacing:12px;}#container {float: left;font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;font-size: .7em;text-align: left;height: 100%;width: 100%;padding: 0px;margin: 1px 2.1%;background-image: url(Images/conference1_ss.png);img {max-width: 100%;}background-size: 100%;background-repeat:no-repeat }#column1 {float: left;position: relative;width: 230px;height: 100%;max-height:700px;margin: 0px .5% 0px 7%;color: #FFF;font-size: .9em;overflow: hidden;}#column1 #header {padding:8px 4px;}#p {font-size:13px;position:absolute;bottom:100px;line-height: 17px;}#column1 #footer {background-color: #E1231E;padding: 8px;box-shadow:0px 3px 5px 0px #333333;margin-right: 5px;color: #FFF;position:absolute;bottom:0;}.stretch {max-width:100%; max-height:100%;}h1 {display:none}h3 {display:none}#column2 {float: left;width: 10%;height: 100%;color:#4D4D4D;font-size: .65em;font-weight:900;}nav {position: absolute;z-index: 2;background-color: #999;width: 10%;height: 100px;margin-top: 54px;padding: 2px 0px 5px 2px;box-shadow:3px 3px 5px 0px #333333;color: #FFF;}nav ul {display:block;list-style-type: none;margin: 10px;padding: 0px;line-height:65%;}#column3{float:left;margin-top: 54px;margin-bottom: 0px;background-color:#FFF;position: relative;z-index: 1;width: 30%;height: 80%;padding-top: 30px;padding-right: 2.8%;padding-bottom: 20px;padding-left: 5%;box-shadow:3px 3px 5px 0px #333333;overflow: auto;background-image: url(Images/triangle.png);background-repeat:no-repeat;img {position: absolute; right:0; top:0;max-width: 100%;}.aboutlinks {word-spacing: 2px;}#column4 {float: right;width: 20%;height:100%,padding: 0px;}#container #column2 nav ul li {}
  11. Hi, Can you please help me any one. Problem: I've given background image for the div with repeat-x to show 100% in browser. But when I reisze the browser, horizantal scrollbar will displays in bottom of the browser. When I scroll the horizantal scroll bar the background image not repeating it stoped some position. I don't know why I tried background-size in css3, still not working also I've attached image you can refer that for good understand Is it possible to fix, How? Please tell me anyone with your solutions.
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