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Found 2 results

  1. It seems like I have been trying to display HTML img images and not very sure of the proper syntax. "HOW TO MAKE IMAGE NOT A BACKGROUND IMAGE BUT A PHOTO FOCAL POINT" "PROBLEM IS HOW TO PROPERLY INSERT A IMAGE. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY. AND WHERE TO ADD ATTRIBUTES OF THE FILE.", there must be several ways some tend to overlap and Is that ok good or bad? seems that I have to enter the style in HTML file after the img for it to take? I have been getting mixed results over some times, It seems to me that there is many ways to do everything. there is different way to achieve images in html I think I get confused because of css and the image-position and various selectors,like img or is it better to have it in a div element. or CSS having a URL to display the image like this |img { background-image: url=("")? What is the best way to have elements that are active images. ** what is the most universal excepted and accurately displayed method of sizeing images??** ---≥ example (size of width="10"; or width:10; or width="10px, or width:10px; or width=10% or ? what is the always excepted method? I keep on refferring to tutorials and refferences and I get different methods of HTML <img> and I cannot seem to get the most common and most workable what I would call the "best way to do this". Please if you will help? thankyou
  2. Hi all, I'd need to position two background-images in one element seperately.Is this possible in css3? E.g: I've got a div and two background images. Now I'd need to position them seperately. One images in the left, the other one in the right corner. Thanks! Raphael
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