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Found 7 results

  1. I like to introduce a new css framework, Beautify.css. It's like bootstrap or w3.css. I can provide tutorials for it as HTML of markdown. Then You can publish it. Please help for the raise of a new css framework. Ask any Question, And I can answer.
  2. Qazi

    Toggle Switch

    Hello everyone I am doing an IOT project in which is am successfull to send my microcontroller data to MySQL. I am receiving data in 0 and 1. Now what i want to do? I just to create a toggle switch that will ON when data in database is 1 and when data is 0 it remains OFF. secondly when i click the switch it should OFF in case it is already ON and a data 0 should be sended to database. same in case of OFF to ON. Please help me You can also use Javascript.
  3. I wanna know the correct form to use the HTML5 tags when i use BOOTSTRAP. we usually see that developers forget about semantic web and html5 tag like article and section where use BOOTSTRAP. aren´t necessary or how to use it.
  4. hehg

    Modal cache issue

    I’m following the W3Schools modal example https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_css_modals.asp but I’ve got an issue with caching after changing modal html content. Read a numerous posts on this on the web using is and reset, removedata, etc. but nothing seems to work. Any help highly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hello guys, Thanks for some support in past. now i have been confused about this issue, yea this is my wrong cause i don't know if the projects doesn't care about responsive. the client want to keep every thing same in mobile, ipad, tablet or desktop. so i this is my simple demo , please click on it. my question is How can i remove effect responsive in bootsrap whatever the device access ? Case : The demo just a simple demo, there is img in my project i have been remove class img-responsive but the col- i don't know how to remove effect repsonsive ? will big thanks and many apreciatte about this issue
  6. Hello huys, i’m doing create dummy html using bootsrap and need some help how to customize my template will be like images,and images is here and all i have been done is here My question is how can i give one div in the left, i have been adding one div but the div show in the top of three div, if any suggest will be thanks full. PS : Sorry upload in printscreen cause trying upload here file to bigs. Regards
  7. Hi again, i don't mean to ask every time i face bugs i'm trying by my self but sometime i success remove line when small device, Please resize it. Here is my simple demo http://codepen.io/anon/pen/pJaXGa i want to remove line white when small device here is image http://imgur.com/l0mUcnC I want to remove three line white between tooglle button and search form, only remove it in small device, Will big thanks for debuging or suggest where is the code should remove it
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