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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I found this code <div class="content-box-purple">text</div> to use for a box in a post. I copied this code: /* Content Box ------------------------------------------------------------ */ .content-box-purple { margin: 0 0 25px; overflow: hidden; padding: 20px; } .content-box-purple { background-color: #e2e2f9; border: 1px solid #bebde9; } to a style.css file. However, the box does not show in the post. I checked all plugins for compatibility and when deactivating them all, the box still does not show. Do you have an idea of what might be wrong? Thank you, Milada
  2. While refreshing my knowledge about CSS I noticed the CSS box model is explained in the following order: Borders Margins Padding Height/width Box model Outline First all components of the box model are explained in depth and afterwards a general overview is given (5: box-model). For me as a reader this was confusing, since I didn't get the main concept until reading the "box-model" page and actually had to go back and reread the margins/padding section to thoroughly understand the system. I therefore suggest changing the explanation order to: Box model Height/width Padding Borders Margins Outline For me personally this would make more sense, since first the general concept of the box model is given, and afterwards all individual concepts are explained in depth (going from the inside to the outside of the css box). Any opinions about this?
  3. So the first picture is my homepage(mt.hebronbaptistchurch.html) and the link box is the size i want it to be. The second picture is my pictures and videos page(picturesandvideos.html and the link size is increased and I have no clue why. I added a slideshow feature using CSS and I think it messed with the link box. Mt.hebronbaptistchurch.html News.html PicturesandVideos.html
  4. Hello everyone!I am relatively new to the whole idea of web developing,and I am currently learning most of the things.I've created a website using joomla,but I constantly have this problem,which I cannot find how to solve.Basically joomla has its administrator control panel where you can edit some things,but if you want to edit more than the basic you have to locate,and edit css or html (correct me if Im wrong). And this is where my problem starts. Although I can sometimes edit something using firebug tool of the browser,I cannot find the css file (through FTP) to edit and make my changes permanent.Could you please show me how I can do that step by step?What I am currently trying to do is change the position of the search box (I am trying to do exactly what this website here has done with its search box,so top right corner),but there is only one ''module position'' as its called in joomla,and this is the ''nav'' position.Once the search box is placed in the nav position,it is being placed directly underneath the home tab (as seen in the screenshot).You can see in the screenshot where I would like it to be with red letters.The website is: http://www.georld.com/Help guys !
  5. What i am trying to do is create a text box to enter in a Frequency (122.25mhz). Then on a button press have it call a function to store as a variable, drop the 2 decimal places and convert the number. And return another variable after it is all done. I can figure out how to move the decimal, and convert it. My testing is that I want to display the number to see if the conversions are working right but i cant get it to display. Here is the code. Here is the jsfiddle for it. http://jsfiddle.net/2xz6un9b/ Example 122.25 FREQE = 122.25 FREQE1 = 12225 FREQE2 = 2225 FREQE3 = 4261 FREQO = FREQE3 html <input type="text" id="FREQB"> <button onclick="FREQ()">Frequency</button><p id="FREQO"></p> Javascript function freq(){ //get value from entery var FREQE = document.getElementById("FREQB").value; //dropping 2 decimal places var FREQE1 = FREQE*100; //removing the 1 from the front var FREQE2 = FREQE1 - 10000; //converting to oct var FREQE3 = FREQE2.toString(8); document.getElementById("FREQO").innerHTML = FREQE3;}
  6. Hello, not sure if it's this board i should ask (html)...but tell me if im wrong. i have seemed on some few site's im comming on sometimes, that they have some sort of div-box that follows the screen all the time, evem if you scroll down on the page. is it possible to do this?.. i mean, how to do this in css/html.. is it possible?, or DO i need Jquery/Javascript or wtf i now need? Oo.. i just think it would be a smart thing to have on my own website ...
  7. Hello, I'm having trouble getting my back and next buttons in my lightbox to work! Any help will be greatly appreciated! http://imd.edumedia....term/index.html
  8. yoyo w3...ive been starting up on a project... but now the design is crap inside explore, and just finded out... this is how it SHOULD look like (notice the boxes are in the middle...): and this is how it IS looking right now.. : and that is the WRONG design.. i need the boxes to center in the middle...this is my setup skin: function stdhead($title = ""){global $MT;/*Stylesheet Mod...*/if($CURUSER){ $HWT['stylesheet'] = isset($CURUSER['stylesheet']) ? "{$CURUSER['stylesheet']}.css" : $MT['stylesheet'];}/*Stylesheet Mod...*/$HTMLOUT = "";/*Starting the variable...*/$HTMLOUT .= "<head><meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html'; charset='iso-8859-2' /><title>{$title}</title><link rel='shortcut icon' href='favicon.ico' /><link rel='stylesheet' href='styles/{$MT['stylesheet']}.css' type='text/css' /></head><body>";$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='header'>";$HTMLOUT .= "Header/Banner...";$HTMLOUT .= "</div>";$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='status_bar'>";$HTMLOUT .= "Stats...";$HTMLOUT .= "</div>";$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='menu'>";$HTMLOUT .= "Menu/Links...";$HTMLOUT .= "</div>";$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='main_content'>";$HTMLOUT .= "Content Place...";return $HTMLOUT;}function stdfoot(){$HTMLOUT = "";/*Starting the variable...*/$HTMLOUT .= "</div>";//Ending main_content...$HTMLOUT .= "<div id='footer_bar'>";$HTMLOUT .= "MightyTracker © 2013-2014";$HTMLOUT .= "</div>";//Ending Footer...$HTMLOUT .= "</body></html>";/*Local HTML Ending...*/return $HTMLOUT;} and this is my CSS: @charset "iso-8859-2";/* CSS Document */* {margin:auto;padding:auto;font-size:8pt;}body {background-color:#151515;color:#FFF;}#header { background-color:#111111; color:#FFF; width:1000px; height:100px;/*Configure for banner place...*/ position:relative; margin:auto; padding:auto;}#status_bar { background-color:#222222; color:#CCC; width:1000px; height:auto; margin:auto; padding:auto;}#menu { background-color:#333333; color:#FFF; width:99%; margin:auto; padding:auto; height:auto;}#main_content { background-color:#444444; color:#FFF; width:99%; height:auto; margin:auto; padding:auto;}#footer_bar { background-color:#333333; color:#FFF; width:99%; height:auto; margin:auto; padding:auto;} and im not sure what i have done wrong... but i have tried almost everything i think i could come up with... so asking here now...note that i also have tried position:relative... nofthing... its like its just ignoring the damn css in the explore... ideas?...
  9. Hi. I was asked to rebuild my company's website. The company gave me access to a temporary server for me to test the website and play around with. Not all menus work but here is the front page: http://www1.ocn.ne.jp/~kvic I got it to look right on Chrome, Firefox and IE8, but not IE6 and IE9. In IE6, the three divs are pushed to the right (the right-most box is moved below the left-most box as a result).In IE9, the feature div is duplicated above itself but it's just a blank box.How do I fix this? I'm really new at this, having taught myself CSS in just 2months+ so the CSS is really messy. Now I know what real web designers face everyday. Please advise. Thank you. Edit: Also, if you find other things that should be fixed or could make the code look tidier, please point them out.
  10. Hi there, I have 10 drop down boxes on a page where people can select some units they wish to study. Obviously people can pick more than one unit and so i want to avoid them from picking the same unit twice in each of the drop down boxes. I have looked into the disable function on drop down boxes but cannot figure out how i would go about disabling a drop down selection entry using Javascript. So far i have looked at the following jquery function below but it will not work on my php page as i do not have access to the head of the document on the platform i am on and just the body: $('select').change(function() { var ary = new Array(); $('select option:selected').each(function() { if ($(this).val().length > 0) { ary.push($(this).val()); } }); $('select option').each(function() { if ($.inArray($(this).val(), ary) > -1) { $(this).attr('disabled', 'disabled'); } else { $(this).removeAttr('disabled'); } });}); The example above is the sort of thing i am after but having studied the code, without it being in the head of the document it will not work and so it does not work when i change entry in the dropdown list. Does anybody have any modifications to the code or examples i can use to find out the values of all other dropdown's on a form and to then disable an index in the others where one is already selected on that index? Obviously i would need something to enable selections again. Even an alert box stating that the unit has already been picked and resetting back to original value would do. Many thanks, Mark
  11. Hello w3s... when im running this code: <?php$news_query = "SELECT * FROM news";$news_expanded = "SELECT * FROM news WHERE added + ( 3600 *24 *45 ) >".time()." ORDER BY added DESC LIMIT 10"; $news_result = mysql_query($news_query)or die(mysql_error());if(mysql_num_rows($news_result) > 0){$id = 1;while($n_row = mysql_fetch_assoc($news_result)){$id++; echo '<div id="pic'.$id.'"><a href="javascript: klappe_news('.$id.');">'."<img src='styles/images/backgrounds/icons/minus.gif' />".'</a></div><a href="javascript: klappe_news('.$id.');">'.$n_row['n_date'].'</a><div id="k'.$id.'" style="display:none;margin-left:30px;margin-top:15px;">'.nl2br ($n_row['n_text']).'</div>'; /*echo '<a href="javascript: klappe_news('.$id.');">'.$n_row['n_date'].'</a><div id="k'.$id.'" style="display:none;margin-left:30px;margin-top:15px;">'.nl2br ($n_row['n_text']).'</div>';*/}}//If ends...else {echo "<center>There is no latest news</center>";}?> then my picture at my page here: (PICTURE ATTACHED) it wont change pictures when im trying to do so here with this java code: function klappe_news(id){var klappText = document.getElementById('k' + id);var klappBild = document.getElementById('pic' + id);if (klappText.style.display == 'none') { klappText.style.display = 'block'; klappBild.src = 'styles/images/backgrounds/icons/minus.gif';}else { klappText.style.display = 'none'; klappBild.src = 'styles/images/backgrounds/icons/plus.gif';}} ideas?...
  12. Hello W3S... i have a little trouble here witch im in a need of little help with...im for the momment being trying to make a new portfolio design... the only problem im standing with right now is the box im making... (VIEW AT PICTURE IVE ADDED BELOW...) well... what im trying to do is to make a (latest News) box... but note that i said (box)... all the elements/modifications im making on my portfolio should be places into a nice designed box...that would look alot pretty... the only problem is that i dont know how to make these boxes... orr... yeah... i can, but it would take hours/days... since im not the best when its comming to the box-making css/html part... and besides that, i also need help to code the news box so (as seemed in the picture added...),so people can see (date added,they can drop the table down with a java-klappe,ect...) but the most important part is to code/design the box...so if you could give me some sort of tutorial how to add... then i would be so freaking happy! ... thanks dudes... hoping someone can help me out. .Hoping answers soon... Regards: rootKID EDIT: If you did not understand what i just said... then leave a comment and i will (try) my best to make a new and more explained/detailed stuff of the problem i have... thanks..
  13. Hi all, On my website, www.anf1blog.com, all of the boxes of content on the homepage are different sizes. How can I make them all one size, with the box info (the read full post/add comments bit) aligned at the bottom of the box? The box.css code (which I think is relevant) is below. .title{margin: 0 0 0 0px;padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;}.sidim{float:none;margin:12px 10px 5px 0px;height:113px;width:289px;}.boximage img{border:1px solid #d29903;}.boxtitle{}.boxtitle h2{font-size: 15px ;}.boxtitle h2 a, .boxtitle h2 a:link, .boxtitle h2 a:visited {color:#00aeef;background-color: transparent;}.boxtitle h2 a:hover {color: #0182ae;background-color: transparent;}.box {width:308px;margin: 10px 10px 5px 0px;height:100%;color:#666;font: 13px Tahoma, century gothic,Arial,verdana, sans-serif;float:left;background:#f2f2f2;border:1px solid #ddd;}.box:hover {background:#dddddd;}.boxcover{padding:10px;}.boxinfo{width:308px;height:30px;background:#00aeef;overflow:hidden;position:relative;}.boxmore{float:left;width:100px;margin:5px 0px 5px 10px;display:inline;}.boxmore a:link, .boxmore a:hover,.boxmore a:visited{color:#fff;}.boxcoms{float:right;width:100px;margin:5px 10px 5px 10px;display:inline;text-align:right;}.boxcoms a:link, .boxcoms a:hover,.boxcoms a:visited{color:#fff;}.videopost{margin-bottom:10px;}.videopost embed{width:260px;height:200px;} Thanks!
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