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Found 4 results

  1. I have been building a website that I like but it is a little bit 'busy' looking. I have a background image (a picture of bark) with multiple boxes floating on it with the info. For example, I have a boxs for navigation, one for the title, and one eith the article. They are spaced out so you can see the bark background through the cracks. I like this but it distracts from the main information in a way I dont want. How can I suround these boxes with a semi transparent white so that you can only lightly see the image through it. I still want the picture to be clear on the edges just have the 'fog' in the center. i tried putting them in an element that has the opacity set down but that affects all child elements. How can i do this but keep the inside text fully clear?
  2. Hey guys, I can't figure out why my top image on my table isn't working right. The bottom border won't show up and the image is clearly readjusting to something because the quality is awful when I put it into my coding, but it's fine on photobucket. I've adjusted the whole table size, the tr size, the td size, the padding and the margin on absolutely everything. I can't figure it out. Please help! Page i'm struggling with: audreyholmesmusic.webs.com/testhome.htm Let me know if 'view source' doesnt work and you need the code.
  3. Okay, i have uploaded an attachement to the post here, and as you see. I have some trouble with the menu. I am trying to make a menu just like this website: http://www.templateaccess.com/demos/responsive/html/devclub/index.html And no, it is not stealing. Only educational purpose use! Anyhow and regardless! As you see, the menu drop-down's are going behind the boxes i have right now. And not sure why. I have also attached the 3 .css files, coz the code is a little long, it should be very easy to find out how to work with it inside the .css files. I did try to use z-index with 100000 on .menu ul li ul li inside the panel css file, but since it did not work, i'm on a little thing i would call broke of ideas -.-'. Hope you guys can help me figure out what is wrong here, could be awsome! -Thanks NOTE: If you need more information, please do not hesitate to give a comment etc . And ohh, almost forgot to tell. The Menu is based on .JS file. Meaning i am using .JS to input the different menu-tabs etc to the panel. Hope you can make some sence of this whitch i cannot, just yet. -rootKID
  4. I'd like to disable certain input boxes, but without changing the HTML code manually. For example:I'd like to disable the input boxes with the following id's:id="first_field"id="fourth_field"id="sixth_field" <div> <form action=""> <fieldset> <input type="text" id="first_field"/> <input type="text" id="second_field"/> <input type="text" id="third_field"/> <input type="text" id="fourth_field"/> <input type="text" id="fifth_field"/> <input type="text" id="sixth_field"/> </fieldset> </form> </div> Anyone know a Javascript that can do this?
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