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Found 4 results

  1. The header file #include<string.h> has not been explained enough. I found this error in the C tutorial -> Structures -> What about strings in structures? -> example 2 that shows the use of strcpy() to copy a string but this will work only if #include<string.h> is used but not explained but it is only found in the "try it" code kindly add a tip about the #include<string.h> header file and why it is used or even better a section on string functions. If at all possible, adding file handling and memory management sections would be great too Thank you very much!
  2. In unix, with the exception of a few special system process, processes are generated by users (root and others) who have logged onto the system. • During the login process the system queries the password file to obtain two identifications (ID) numbers. • The numbers obtained are in the third and fourth fields of the password entry for the user. • These are respectively , the “real user ID” (UID) and “real group ID”(GID) for the user.
  3. Sir, I wrote the same code on Python and C. But the same code give two different result...my C code is... for (i=0;i<10;i++) continue; printf ("%d",i); and the my python code is... for i in range (0,10): continue print (i) The c code give 10 and python give 9 as result. So, what is loop execution process...what is the difference between loop execution process between Python and C?
  4. How to call REST API using current instance of internet explorer. I am working on extension for fill the form dynamicly and data comes from REST API. but for authontation we have to login on that application e.g. REST API URL: http://dataservice.com/getusers.json Login page: http://dataservice.com/login.aspx and i wanted to fill data on another application Form page url: http://localservice.com/users.aspx and i have already logged in on http://dataservice.com domain and wanted to get data using internet explorer extension and fill form on second application which is available on different domain. so can you suggest me how it can be possible through Internet Explorer extension.
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