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Found 3 results

  1. xxxxxx


    Please let me know what this We run Google Ads and direct traffic to a landing page where we convert visitors to leads via a form. We already use UTM's and have configured a number of goals within Google Analytics and, by extension, Google Ads.Here's the problem: Google Ads claims many more conversions than we see via form fills. Correct attribution of form fills has been a challenge, despite the fact that we've configured systems correctly.Attribution is also a challenge for purchases via our MailChimp email campaigns, too.We're looking for an expert in Google Analytics tracking who will be able to set up our metrics so they agree across systems.NOTE: we will only accept professionals with at least a year of experience in this field who have a deep understanding of these systems. We've already followed best practices and we now need a GURU who can debug the issues.If you're interested, pls respond with a few examples of similar bugs that you've resolved.
  2. Are there any humans in this web?... Ever since I came to this web, perhaps because I do like the way they organize their courses and needed to 'talk' to someone, but could not find any way to communicate with anyone. I even sent a comment to a "contact us" form somewhere, along the same lines of this one note, and no one has yet responded to it! Usually a school gives a few day to 'evaluate' the classes before signing up. As you know, I see tons of information on all languages they offer, but I don't even know, or have not found the details of how this $95 courses work. Also strange that the school does not advertises what is included in the courses... and I mean details. Very weird feeling I get from this place. I wanted to go and see the comments of the students about the school, but they don't even have a 'cafeteria' type of forum for chatting or asking just general questions. Am crazy? Ok, where do I go to ask questions from students about courses from the students? TIA EM
  3. tocak


    This question may sound stupid, but i'm kinda new at this. so i was wondering if i can make a website that's not on sever, not working, but make a chat box in it that works? or that works if computers are linked?
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