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Found 1 result

  1. BACKGROUND: What I thought would be an easy task through the use of a <div> wrapper has proven very difficult, if not impossible. Whoever built this nifty GUI either knows a lot more than I about positioning and placement, or they built this widget totally oblivious to potential user implementation. Please understand that I have gone through a lot of trouble to get it to work, am loathe to abandon it at such a late stage, but definitely will abandon it, if I cannot learn to place it at my will. DILEMMA and QUESTION: I would very much like to center the audio player displayed on the following page, but cannot seem to accomplish the task. Have you any suggestions short of rebuilding the entire graphical interface pixel by pixel? VIEWING STEPS: Step One: Open to Sender Proxy and click on the link entitled Proxy Link in the bottom-left corner. Step Two: When the page open click on the words Click and Listen. The image that appears is what I would like to center beneath the words Click and Listen. The pages necessary to understand the structural and formatting aspects are provided below: SOURCE PAGES: The Template: http://www.grammarcaptive.com/podcasting/template/template.html You must open the page in source code to make any sense of it. The portion of this page that forms the template begin and ends with the following two <div> tags: Start Tag: <div id='podcast_insert'> End Tag: </section><!-- end section_summary --> The CSS: http://www.grammarcaptive.com/_utilities/lbrary/jPlayer-2.9.2/lib/circle-player/skin/circle.player.css The Javascript: http://www.grammarcaptive.com/_utilities/lbrary/jPlayer-2.9.2/lib/circle-player/js/circle.player.js I offer this Javascript only for the sake of completeness. As a well-formatted jQuery product, the CSS is truly a separate issue. HOST PAGE JAVASCRIPT USED to INITIALIZE the PLAYER <script> $("#click_listen").mouseenter(function() { $(this).css({'cursor':'pointer','color':'#5a4149'}); $(this).click(function(){ $("#cp_container_1").show(); var myCirclePlayer = new CirclePlayer("#jquery_jplayer_1", { m4a: "http://www.jplayer.org/audio/m4a/Miaow-07-Bubble.m4a", oga: "http://www.jplayer.org/audio/ogg/Miaow-07-Bubble.ogg" }, { cssSelectorAncestor: "#cp_container_1", swfPath: "_utilities/library/jPlayer-2.9.2/dist/jplayer/", wmode: "window", keyEnabled: true }); }); }) .mouseout(function() { $(this).css({'cursor':'none','color':'#fff'}); }); </script> Roddy
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