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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I am New to HTML W3 Schools syntax highlighter is easy to use https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_syntax_highlight.asp Here w3 using "w3CodeColor(document.getElementById("myDiv"));" am using more codes in my notes instead of number of ids how a Single Class can be used? "w3CodeColor(document.getElementsByClass("myDiv"));" like this. Thank u
  2. Hello, to my experience the following does not work (tryit-editor w3School), but it does with a "while" loop instead. Are "for" loops not allowed within classes? <p id="demo">result</p> class Test{ counter(){ var result=0; for(i=0;i<10;i++){ result++; } return result; } counter2(){ var result=0; while(result<10){ result++; } return result; } } var obj=new Test(); document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=obj.counter(); //document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=ob
  3. Hello W3 People!. i have downloaded a picture upload class from here: verot.net.and working perfectly for my kind of coding in the schools. but i have never tried to make a (UPDATE) page of this kind of stuff where its deleting a picture and then uploading a new one dynamicly... and it does uploads the images correctly 100% and resizing them, and stuff like that... but it wont delete the older pictures, and update the Database Tables/Rows with the new image URL (witch are just the name of the the picture... im defining the path the diffrent places myself...) ideas?... here is my code [A LITTLE
  4. I've kind taught myself PHP whilst looking online for examples. I use classes, I just wonder if I'm setting up my classes the right way. Do you have to explicity give a class access to another class in the way I've done below?: $db = new dbConnectionMSSQL();$systemLog = new systemLog();$clubTickets = new clubTickets();$Customers = new Customers();$Events = new Events();$TicketOrders = new TicketOrders();$PlacesOfInterest = new PlacesOfInterest();$Tonight = new Tonight(); $clubTickets->db = $db;$clubTickets->Customers = $Customers;$clubTickets->Events = $Events;$clubTickets->Places
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