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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all members of W3Schools, I am new to the W3Schools forum and I recently created a website/social network for computing majors. I would really appreciate any critiques or potential new members to the site. Like most social networks, you have to create an account to gain any access. I created it with html, css, javascript, jquery, and php within a span of 4 weeks. http://www.codecularius.tk Thank you for your time.
  2. birbal

    new pc spec

    what would you suggest specification of custom built computer? Major purpose: for programing (all kind of),Minor purpose: 3d software like blend or 3d studio max (not as extensively but more as hobby) and modern gaming (not in high details but with playable detailing and screen rate and resolution) My budget is around 600$ . i would not like to compromise with performance and future compatibility (upgradable in fututre) and in that case could be flexible with my budget if necessary. But cheaper are better. Best would be where performance and budget meets each other. I think i made my point. Require Components (Listed by priority):(The first 4 is high priority of mine) Processor: At first i was leaned toward AMD FX-8150 8 core. but after viewing the reviews of it i am little bit confused. I expected it will be comparable with i7 but some benchmarks left AMD FX-8150 behind even i5-2500k series. i5-2500k,i7-2600k,AMD-FX8150 i am confused what will be best among them. now I am more leaned toward i5-2500k as it cheaper than AMD and benchmarks are better than AMD. I would even go for i7-2600k if it has significant performance beinifits. Motherboard: have not decided Monitor: 21" samsungCabinet: cooler master elite HDD: segate barracuda 1TBRAM: G-skills DDR3 2x 4GBGPU: have not decided (I don't need optical drive,mouse ,key board,speakers,FDD if i am missing anything other than that please point it out) That's roughly what i came up. any feedbacks are welcome
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