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Found 6 results

  1. I want to make a form with 3 dropdown which opens specific pages according to the input on HTML. How can I do that ?
  2. mlitch

    if condition

    Can anyone tell me why this Javascript isn't working? (The following is the PHP code:) if ($quantity>$inventory) { echo '<script language="javascript"> var i = confirm("There are '; echo number_format($inventory); echo ' copies in inventory in '; echo $warehouse_name; echo '.nnThis order is for '; echo number_format($quantity); echo ' copies.nnThat is '; echo number_format($difference); echo ' more than are available.nnClick OK to create a backorder for this itemnor Cancel to abort."); if (!i) window.close();'; echo '</script>'; } The idea is simple
  3. Hello, I am trying to understand a PHP code but it use a form of grouping conditionals that I do not know and I cannot find in the documentation: for ($i = 1; $i < (1 << $len); $i++){...} if ($i & (1 << $j)){...} Any one know what is the normal form of these conditionals with && and ||? Thanks!!!
  4. Hello internet, I have several blocks of code set up for images based in html but I am also using this page to process a previous form so the file is saved as a ".php" I am using the following code to contain information: <div class="block_1"> <This is where I have an image and two radio buttons> </div> <div class="block_2"> <This is where I have an image and two radio buttons> </div> …..….. <div class="block_100"> <This is where I have an image and two radio buttons> </div> Based on how many images
  5. Hello All, I put my question straight here. If my website address is www.abcd.in a ""Click Here"" button should be linked to http://www.XXXXXXXX.com/?r=1234567 [FIXED] If my website address is www.abcd.in/?r=1111111 a ""Click Here"" button should be linked to http://www.XXXXXXXX.com/?r=1111111 ["1111111" Its a 7digit number may vary per user] Please help me a HTML Code with javascript in it for creating a Click here button. Refer: www.click2rupee.com www.click2rupee.com = CLICK HERE Button= http://www.clixsense.com/?r=3488429 www.click2rupee.com/?r=12312312 = CLICK HERE Button=
  6. Hello internet. I am starting to work with media Querys (like ones below): @media screen and (max-width : 460px) { .someclassname {display: block;} } I am struggling to style IE10 browsers and below (I anticipate half of my users will be IE folks) because the media querys will not work for them. I can use the conditional statement below but the browser will still attempt to put the rest of the code on the page making it look all screwed up: <!--[if lte IE 8 ]> SOME CODE <![endif]--> A BUNCH MORE CODE How do I use html conditional sta
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