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Found 7 results

  1. I want to make a form with 3 dropdown which opens specific pages according to the input on HTML. How can I do that ?
  2. mlitch

    if condition

    Can anyone tell me why this Javascript isn't working? (The following is the PHP code:) if ($quantity>$inventory) { echo '<script language="javascript"> var i = confirm("There are '; echo number_format($inventory); echo ' copies in inventory in '; echo $warehouse_name; echo '.nnThis order is for '; echo number_format($quantity); echo ' copies.nnThat is '; echo number_format($difference); echo ' more than are available.nnClick OK to create a backorder for this itemnor Cancel to abort."); if (!i) window.close();'; echo '</script>'; } The idea is simple: A confirm box opens with a message. If the user clicks OK, the PHP code continues. If the user clicks Cancel, the window should close without executing any more PHP code. Right now, it doesn't matter which button you click: the PHP code just continues regardless. How can I fix this?
  3. Hello, I am trying to understand a PHP code but it use a form of grouping conditionals that I do not know and I cannot find in the documentation: for ($i = 1; $i < (1 << $len); $i++){...} if ($i & (1 << $j)){...} Any one know what is the normal form of these conditionals with && and ||? Thanks!!!
  4. Hello internet, I have several blocks of code set up for images based in html but I am also using this page to process a previous form so the file is saved as a ".php" I am using the following code to contain information: <div class="block_1"> <This is where I have an image and two radio buttons> </div> <div class="block_2"> <This is where I have an image and two radio buttons> </div> …..….. <div class="block_100"> <This is where I have an image and two radio buttons> </div> Based on how many images are available for the user to see, I would like to limit how many of these blocks appear. The page's capability is 100 of these blocks. html does not accept if() statements so how could I set it up? I can "$_POST" to a variable to use to have a count of how many images I want displayed - but how do I use that variable to display or hide blocks... some background:I need to have 100 individual blocks set up so the user can select which ones they want to add to their favorite list. However I don’t want the user to see 20 image blocks with radio buttons of images AND 80 "x" images where there is no image to load.
  5. Hello All, I put my question straight here. If my website address is www.abcd.in a ""Click Here"" button should be linked to http://www.XXXXXXXX.com/?r=1234567 [FIXED] If my website address is www.abcd.in/?r=1111111 a ""Click Here"" button should be linked to http://www.XXXXXXXX.com/?r=1111111 ["1111111" Its a 7digit number may vary per user] Please help me a HTML Code with javascript in it for creating a Click here button. Refer: www.click2rupee.com www.click2rupee.com = CLICK HERE Button= http://www.clixsense.com/?r=3488429 www.click2rupee.com/?r=12312312 = CLICK HERE Button= http://www.clixsense.com/?r=12312312 Thanks All.
  6. Hello internet. I am starting to work with media Querys (like ones below): @media screen and (max-width : 460px) { .someclassname {display: block;} } I am struggling to style IE10 browsers and below (I anticipate half of my users will be IE folks) because the media querys will not work for them. I can use the conditional statement below but the browser will still attempt to put the rest of the code on the page making it look all screwed up: <!--[if lte IE 8 ]> SOME CODE <![endif]--> A BUNCH MORE CODE How do I use html conditional statements to get rid of “A BUNCH MORE CODE” on the site?
  7. Hi there. I'm new to xslt but I've done a fair amount of research on it in the last couple of days. I'm missing something when it comes to variables, though. What I would like to do is check the value of a field (ows_Style) and if it's equal to something ('~New~Paragraph~') then set a variable (Prefix) to some value ('abc') so that I can add that value to the output. In my current output I'm displaying 'aaa' and 'bbb' in order to see what gets displayed between them -- but right now nothing does. My expectation was that in my CHOOSE statement one of the two parts (the WHEN or the OTHERWISE) would be executed no matter what, so $Prefix would have either the value 'abc' or the value 'xyz'. If you could let me know what I need to do to make this work, I'd really appreciate it. Here's my xml: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><listitems xmlns:s="uuid:BDC6E3F0-6DA3-11d1-A2A3-00AA00C14882" xmlns:dt="uuid:C2F41010-65B3-11d1-A29F-00AA00C14882" xmlns:rs="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:rowset" xmlns:z="#RowsetSchema" > <rs:data ItemCount="883"> <z:row ows_LookupKey="CANC300" ows_Priority="1.00000000000000" ows_Language="en_CA" ows_Style="~New~Paragraph~" ows_Content="MEMO TO: {var}BN_ProducerCode_Description{/var}" ows_MetaInfo="391;#" ows__ModerationStatus="0" ows__Level="1" ows_ID="391" ows_owshiddenversion="3" ows_UniqueId="391;#{D30E3EB7-238C-4989-BBDD-ED4D9F1AD8CE}" ows_FSObjType="391;#0" ows_Created="2011-12-02 10:12:29" ows_FileRef="391;#sites/coop/base/Lists/Content Pages Sections/391_.000" /> <z:row ows_LookupKey="CANC300" ows_Priority="2.00000000000000" ows_Language="en_CA" ows_Style="~New~Paragraph~" ows_Content="DATE: {var}BN_EditEffectiveDate{/var}" ows_MetaInfo="393;#" ows__ModerationStatus="0" ows__Level="1" ows_ID="393" ows_owshiddenversion="3" ows_UniqueId="393;#{92C36A45-6B75-48E4-B03A-29EDECE4A246}" ows_FSObjType="393;#0" ows_Created="2011-12-02 10:12:29" ows_FileRef="393;#sites/coop/base/Lists/Content Pages Sections/393_.000" /> </rs:data></listitems> And here's my xslt: <?xml version="1.0"?><xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="[url="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"]http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform[/url]" xmlns:s="uuid:BDC6E3F0-6DA3-11d1-A2A3-00AA00C14882" xmlns:dt="uuid:C2F41010-65B3-11d1-A29F-00AA00C14882" xmlns:rs="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:rowset" xmlns:z="#RowsetSchema" > <xsl:output method="text" encoding="windows-1252" /> <xsl:template match="/"> <xsl:text>LookupKey,Priority,Language,Style,Content </xsl:text> <xsl:apply-templates select="listitems"/> </xsl:template> <xsl:template match="listitems"> <xsl:apply-templates select="rs:data"/> </xsl:template> <xsl:template match="rs:data"> <xsl:apply-templates select="z:row"/> </xsl:template> <xsl:template match="z:row"> <xsl:variable name="Prefix"> <xsl:choose> <xsl:when test="@ows_Style = '~New~Paragraph~'"> <xsl:copy-of select="abc" /> </xsl:when> <xsl:otherwise> <xsl:copy-of select="xyz" /> </xsl:otherwise> </xsl:choose> </xsl:variable> <xsl:value-of select="concat(@ows_LookupKey,',' ,format-number(@ows_Priority,'####'), ',',@ows_Language,',' ,@ows_Style,',aaa',$Prefix,'bbb')"/> <xsl:text> </xsl:text> </xsl:template></xsl:stylesheet> Dave
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