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Found 1 result

  1. I am going to design a webpage, which contains <div>(s) that allow users to submit their (X)HTML with CSS, and being inserted into those <div>(s). I understand it will suffer from XSS seriously, so I will use HTML Purifier to sanitise the (X)HTML and CSS. For instance, I will definitely not allow <script>, <iframe>, and external resources. But I wish to allow almost all other tags and CSS attributes. Here comes the question. I wish to keep client elements (visually) inside the <div>(s). I have tried a partial solution, by using position: absolute; and overflow: hidden;, as follow: <html><head><style>div#jail { position: absolute; overflow: hidden; border: 1px dotted red; height: 200%; width: 50%; left: 25%; top: 25%;}/* All client's CSS is ensured prefixed with div#jail */div#jail .client_code { margin: 0; position: absolute; top: -8px; z-index: 1000;}</style></head><body><div id="jail"> <p class="client_code">elements being jailed</p></div></body></html>The effect of the codes above is as follow: The red dotted line is the "Jail". The purpose is to make any HTML codes with any CSS (prefixed with div#jail) to visually keep inside the box. As shown above, the line of text tried to move out of the box. However, because of overflow: hidden, it is just clipped. So nothing could escape the "Jail". This is good. So far, I have successfully jailed <p> inside div#jail for most kinds of client's HTML elements and CSS, except when user uses position: fixed;. div#jail .client_code { position: fixed; top: 0px;}The following is the screen capture, which the "jail" failed: As shown above, if the position: fixed CSS is applied to the jailed elements, the result is that the line of text can be shown outside the box - i call it a breakthrough of the jail. This is not good. So, my question is, how to ensure everything are visually "jailed" inside the box? If position: fixed is the only CSS which can cause this breakthrough, i can just prohibit position: fixed and the Jail would be enforced. If there are any other ideas/design to achieve this, any solutions are welcomed! Thanks a lot!
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