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Found 8 results

  1. Does anyone produce a camcorder with a "PAUSE" feature/button? Instead of using the START & STOP buttons which create multiple individual files, a PAUSE feature would allow the operator to film an entire event as one file instead of hundreds. With what we are doing and how we operate, we do not have time to use editing software post-filming to combine the files ourselves. We need to be able to take the memory card as is, copy it to a USB device via our MacBook and then duplicate that USB device as many times as we may need to do so.
  2. Hello. I'd just like to ask about coping a picture file from one folder to another, then rename the copied file. At present I've written: $mstr_dir = "/core/graphics/"; $fle = "noimage.png"; $usr_folder = "/core/user/images/"; if (!copy("/core/graphics/noimages.png" , "/core/user/images/noimages.png")) { echo "ERR: ". error_reporting(E_ALL) . ini_set("display_errors", 1) . "<br>"; } error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set("display_errors", 1); chmod("noimage.png",0777); $up_file = $last_id . ".png"; rename ('/core/user/images/noimages.png' , '/core/user/images/' . $up_file); However I'm getting the error number 22519, and the file is not been copied. I've already checked the path names and they do exist. Also with copy, I have tried " and ' both don't work. I'd just like to ask if theres an error in my code that I'm missing, and any idea what the error number 22519 refers to? Thank You.
  3. I attached a TV screen to me MACPRO so I could read text better. I have been using a free text program to practice writing css. I pull up the css examples in w3schools delete the text in their example then copy/paste off my free text program into the examples program. It worked well for most part until I started studying colors where you use quotes around things. Once quotations were involved it all went bad. Anyone have a solution?
  4. Hi there, I have a form with a field, which will be prefilled, but this field is a text box and editable for everyone. But i want it only as a readonly field, but this field canĀ“t be changed directly to a html field, so i was wondering, is it possible to copy the body of that field and show it as readonly and only, if it is not empty? I do not want to use a button for that Thanks a lot in advance
  5. Hi guys, In my work we have to send texts to people through emails. The format needs to be +447123456789@sms.com (as an example). I have an HTML page with some helpful notes, links etc I keep open for quickness. What I want is to have a textbox on the page that I can type a standard mobile number into as '07123456789' and a copy button under it that will copy it as +447123456789@sms.com. So it needs to replace the '0' with '+44' and add the '@sms.com' on the end. I have seen it done before but can't figure out how. I know basic coding but I am better at tearing apart and rearranging to make it how I want than writing from scratch. Might be something really simple but I am just missing it! Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  6. Hi I have a problem with counting the number of data rows for an XML nodes. A sample XML is listed below. <Contract> <Lease>12345</Lease> <trdate>12-sep-1990</trdate> <customer id="1"> <name>tanket</name> <country>timbaktu</country> <creditrating>500</creditrating> </customer> <Locations> <Location cillicode="13456"> <title>SharptonWorks</title> <GPSCoordinate>17:45,36</GPSCoordinate> </Location> <Location cillicode="873456"> <title>MickeyTowers</title> <GPSCoordinate>67:45,36</GPSCoordinate> </Location> </Locations> <Phonegrp> <HQ> <vicepresident>1234567890</vicepresident> <security>76543421</security> <reception>123458899</reception> </HQ> <shipping> <oilsandpaints>9876543210</oilsandpaints> <steel>887772929</steel> </shipping> </Phonegrp> </Contract> --this would have to be transformed to --within each data rows the elements become attributes for the data row. --the number of data rows for a group is then counted. <Contract Lease="12345" trdate="12-sep-1990"> <customer id="1" name="tanket" country="timbaktu" creditrating="500"></customer> <Locations Count="2"> <Location cillicode="13456" title="SharptonWorks" GPSCoordinate="17:45,36"></Location> <Location cillicode="873456" title="MickeyTowers" GPSCoordinate="67:45,36"></Location> </Locations> <Phonegrp Count="2"> <HQ vicepresident="1234567890" security="76543421" reception="123458899"></HQ> <shipping oilsandpaints="9876543210" steel="887772929"></shipping> </Phonegrp> </Contract> The generic XSLT below translates the elements into named attributes but am running into issues trying to set the row count for the immediate parent node as described above The node that would qualify to receive the count would be the one which nearest parent which has no Named attributes on it. Is this something which can be easily addressed. <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="http://www.w3.org/1999/XSL/Transform"> <xsl:template match="*"> <xsl:copy> <xsl:for-each select="@*|*[not(* or @*)]"> <xsl:attribute name="{name(.)}"><xsl:value-of select="."/> </xsl:attribute> </xsl:for-each> <xsl:apply-templates select="*[* or @*]|text()"/> </xsl:copy> </xsl:template> </xsl:stylesheet>
  7. I'm be interesting in to ask to you that does the w3schools forum poster from where we can start the new topic can't allow copy paste operation. if do so than why? or if not why can I can't copy paste the code.
  8. I want to use a php script so that when I access the page, the browser copy the file from server to another server. Say, a file is in www.google.com/file.exe and when I open the page, the file will be copied to www.myserver.com/download location. pls tell me indetails coz I know only a little about PHP.Thanks
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