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Found 3 results

  1. I was thinking it would be nice for people to be easily be able to play other people's games they made (using languages such as JavaScript) without telling them to copy-paste your code. I'd like to play what other people made. As long as its it not a virus code. The only problem is, how would you do it? I have no idea.
  2. Hey Guys, I know I have had a long hiatius from this website. However, I check back every now and then. I have been working with my internship to make this Jeep Dealership website, I have done all the design and coding. And I just want your guy's opinions. Http://www.codekrewe.com/wrangler Thanks Guys, Krewe
  3. Hey there. I've finally launched my site, and would greatly appreciate some feedback on it. Whether it be suggestions for features to add/remove, site appearance, usability, etc. Anything that catches your eye, feel free to nitpick. Just a word of advice, don't bother to validate the site. The software I'm using makes it impossible to validate HTML or CSS (I didn't know that when I purchased the software, and the company shows no signs of helping with it). I have tried to reduce the number of my own validation errors, though. www.mypetsonparade.com Thanks for your time and input! P.S., a huge thanks to the members of this community who painstakingly helped me with my various problems in building this site (couldn't have done it without ya!). Just to name a few: Don E, thescientist, dsonesuk, Ingolme, and justsomeguy.
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