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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I would be very appreciative to understand how to use the W3C Schools Template so that I can have multiple stored images served depending on the device width. In other words rather than uploading just one image and letting the template resize it going from a widescreen to mobile size, I'd like some control with regards to the centering of each image. Also, I can then optimise the image sizes too to be radically smaller for mobile (do the W3C Schools Templates automatically optimise image size for me, for example a wide screen image may be hard to reduce to under 200 KB to retain quality versus some images on mobile coudl easily be fine at 30 KB). Thanks so much for your help! Kind regards, Mike
  2. Hi, I have been asked to turn an existing Joomla 2.5.16 website into a responsive one. I created a media-queries.css file and adjusted all the styles using Firefox's Responsive Design Tool to test the results. All was fine until tested on real devices - both iPhone and Xperia - on both the website is totally unaffected by the media-queries.css file. I've tested the site with online simulators and although they show a less than desired outcome - they do show that the media-queries.css file is making a difference. I hope this is the right forum to post this issue as I realize it's not strictly a css problem that I'm facing. I would be grateful for any advice - are there scripts that could be blocking it or anything else I have to check? Thank you
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