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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I am a complete amateur, self taught at that. I registered on this forum ages ago in a moment of weakness. I try to work things out without asking for the answer, I like to learn instead of having it on a plate. Right now is one of those moments of weakness. I have made my first webpage from scratch (notepad++). I did it this way because I fancied a challenge. I soon relaised that if I was to learn a function or two of php I could knock out the sub-pages alot faster. I changed my page to index.php and have thus far only called the header. I'm working my way down... As it stands, my site is sectioned very simply (see this at www.holiday-anglesey.co.uk), every section of my site has set width divs, and 3 divs of set width inside them. I have so many unique div's it's silly. If I carry on this way my style sheet will have thousands of similar rules for loads of div's, each with a different name. I am wondering if I need to create all these uniquely named div's. Is it possible to have one div (say <div id="fullwidth">) and have the height set to auto. This way I could just use one set of style rules for #fullwidth with the height set to adjust automatically to fit the content inside it. Again, please look at my page to see what I mean) My question is this: Is it possible to have a div height adjust automatically according to whats inside it? I've read on loads of pages height:auto or leave height out alltogether. This isn't working for me! Any suggestions please? Also, is it possible to do what I described in the paragraph above? If you are able to offer a soltuion, would you take the time to explain it because I'd like to know why/how the solution works, not just that it does! Thanking you in advance.
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