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Found 7 results

  1. Inquirer


    How do I make a download work? <a href="" download> What do I put into the href attribute? In the w3schools example, they use: <a href="/images/myW3Schoolslogo.jpg" download> Though how do I find the href attribute of a file? Say I was trying to make a download button for a word file. How do I do that? Thanks for helping a newbie!
  2. Hello good, I have in my web videos privately hosted on my vps and I would like to remove from the bar of reprocuccion to the option of download. Greetings and a thousand thanks
  3. I'd like to know if i can download the most latest version of W3Schools, because in some areas where i live i don't always have good internet connection, so i'd like to be able to download the site to use it offline, but i've already downloaded early versions, but i want the most latest version.
  4. Hi, I'm new to writting code & looking to write a couple of secure web pages. One where you can log in & out securely using a password. Then a second where you can upload & download some files or folders. Any help on where to start, what code (asp/etc) & what best method(s) of encryption I should use? Thanks for any help or advice. Old Guy.
  5. Hello everyone. I just created a WordPress website. To let you know, it's a site about WallPapers. I make a post for every image. But I want to have a download button in the post, so the image can be downloaded by clicking on the button. Can someone help me please? The WordPress plugins doesn't work. Thanks in advance!
  6. How do I write a download link that forced download in Internet Explorer? I have this link and it works perfect in Chrome, Safari and Firefox bit in IE it opens the file. <a href="/files/CTC.vpd" download="CTC.vpd">Ladda ned uppdatering här (för Internet Explorer högerklicka och välj spara mål som)</a> Anyone knows?
  7. Hello everybody, so im wondering how to make "Download" that is secured and users cannot go just with direct link like /downloads/file1.rar. I'd like that no SQL-storing would be there.
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