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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. I am a newbie and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am redesigning a page within a Dreamweaver template. There are CSS stylesheets and JavaScript attached which is part of branding standards. There are many changes that I would like to make but I am having to comment out elements since the template is for the entire website. I am not allowed to completely change the header or the footer ( I asked our webmaster). Is there a way to override the template header and insert my own navbar while retaining the other presets? Next, I am having trouble with my div box alignment. I want to create div boxes for my left column, middle content, and a few right column boxes. I thought I could use display: inline as a quick fix, but my boxes are aligning vertically. I am trying to amend the current CSS sheets without having to create a new one. Last, my scrolling marquee is not centered. I had a bear of a time sorting through someone else's awful JavaScript but it is still off. Kind of frustrated with guessing. I am attaching files for the code and main css sheets. I am guessing that one of the CSS sheets is overriding the changes I want to make. But I do not know enough to find where. I know this is mostly about my struggle with Dreamweaver. I hope I posted in the right forum. Many thanks in advance! default.html layout.css CSSMenu_library2.css
  2. hi please help, I just put forms to contact us page i want to know the codes and the process to receive feedback messages from contact form to a Email (need to make a mail on same host address or can do it with gmail) Thanks Shijith
  3. I just need help please with linking to my facebook correctly. Please be nice , and I'm sure this is pretty easy for everyone else, but I am having trouble with it. I have attached the file and image, if anyone can be good enough to help me out. My email is cafedesignercafe@gmail.com My Skype is evolution2design My facebook is facebook.com/rcmp004 Thank you so much ! config.xml
  4. Hi, when you create a template in the dreamweaver for your simple html website, you can edit it later and the dreamweaver automatically applies those changes to the selected subpages. Okay, but what about the changes to the particular subpages when you use just text editor? Are there any tricks that you can use to quickly update subpages to the current template? (e.g. links) Or do you just need to manually copy&paste/rewrite the changes to each single subpage? Are there any tricks, efficient methods? Or perhaps a very good design is the answer? Thanks.
  5. Hi, i'd like some feedback please, if its possible. I 've found this article ( http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/complete-websites/create-a-dar k-clean-website-design-in-adobe-photoshop-free-psd/ ) that teaches how to design a website in photoshop. I can guess how is going to be the structure of the html and css in general, when turning this psd mock-up to an html document, but my main focus is on the coding process of banner/ slider area of the website, and i'd like to know which is the best or more efficient way to code it in some parts, like: the gradient background: is it better to code it with css or export it as an image-graph and add it as a background to a div [like background-image:url('image.jpeg') ]? NOTE that there are 3 gradients (step 8 of the article). the shadow effect: how can i make the shadow look like this? it does not extend to the full width of the slider and also has a different shape. Generally the shadow effect look like this http://www.w3schools...css3_box-shadow , but the one in the article looks totaly different. Finally about the slider and the logo: both look like they are standing on top/in front of the layout, is this has to do with the z-index property? both are are not placed in the same height as their sections, they are possitioned/go more 'downwards', how is better to do it? by using some margin or padding or maybe setting their positions (top, bottom, relative absolute ... )? Please note that i'm talking about the development process, when creating an html document (html & css) in dreamweaver or any other editor, NOT how to design the mock-up.
  6. Hi I'm quite new to web design & development and I would like some information about Dreamweaver basicly and about web, because I'm a little bit confused, if its possible please. First, about form validation using the spry fields. What I mean is, lets say that I have a field in a form for Name and I want to prevent users entering in this field numbers or anything else, but only letters-characters. So can I edit the validate of the field using for example regular expressions (javascript and php) and if its possible where can I do that ?? Second, when I create a query in Dw through the bindings menu, I've noticed that besides the query it also generates and some other php code. So my question is, if I can delete this code and keep just the query in order to use it in a function for example, or doing this will have an affect on my code ?? And finally which is the best or more correct and efficient way to use in order to build pages quickly? 1st using templates and editable or optional regions that dreamweaver provides, or 2nd by using the "include" method of php (where the "common" stuff like header, nav manu etc put in a seperate file and then include them in pages of a site) ?? That's all for nowmany thanks
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