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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. I'd just like to enquire, what is the best way to encrypt and decrypt please? I've created a basic signup form, and I would like to encrypt the data before it's written to a database. Then when I come to create the log in screen, I would like to access the database, pull a record, then decrypt the email and password, to check it matches what the user has entered. Or is there an easier way? Thank You. ps. Also could I please just ask. I've created a function for something else. When I've finished with it, can I delete or destroy it? Thanks.
  2. Hello folks, I want to hide a text inside a image(users given image using file upload). Thanks in advance
  3. I would like to create a a random number with random_bytes(). Can I just store the random_bytes output in the database field? Is that for instance more secure? And, regarding to sending it by email, what is the advantage above sending a code like uniqid() or md5($_POST['var'] + microtime() ? I see the screen output is a bit uncommon (with ? in a diamond ) does that have to do with the encryption? And is that the reason why reason bin2hex is used to decrypt? this is the code I would like to use: <html> <center> <br><br><br> the output of the function random_bytes is: <br><br> <?php $num = random_bytes(15); echo '<br><br>' . $num ; echo '<br><br> var dump of random_bytes with bin2hex: ' ; echo bin2hex($num); ?> </center></html>
  4. I'm trying to create a secure inlog script in php/mysql. I'm faced with many subjects I absolutely know nothing about so I was looking for some help. I'm want to understand the route of a password from the browser to the database. One thing that is very hazy to me is the difference between SSL and encryption. My idea is that I could use javascript SHA 256 encryption at the client side. But other sources online recommend SSL. I was thinking, would it be possible to both use SSL as well as SHA encryption. Now, I asked questions before here moslty solving script issues, but now, I look for an advice about what the possibilities are. I have no script yet, because first I want to determine in which way the chances for security leaks are minimized. is there anyone who can give more clarity about it?
  5. Hi all I would like to know whether it is possible or not to build a secure inlog script. The script I have as example is mainly in php. I read a couple of tuts online and watched some youtube video's and discovered that both javascript and php are used. I dont know much about encryption but more and more questions are rising ..... Is it true that it is possible to add javascript encryption wen you want a user to login ? My own idea is that this looks quite insecure as anybody can see the encryption code. I have more questions but first i would like to know this if possible.
  6. Before I put encrypted JS code into my website, can anyone tell me if this source is trustworthy? What I mean is, does Webtools hide something nasty into the encryption in addition to what I type into the window? I want to keep my email address safe from robots. That is, I want to encrypt <a href="mailto:MYemail@MYdomain.com">...</a> I've created a dummy email address and tested it. It seems to work fine, but I don't want it if they sell the address to a spammer. I looking for protection from email skimmers, not ultimate security. I doubt someone would sift the rare JS encrypted websites for one email address. ( ...or am I being naive?) Who out there has some knowledge about this? Thank you!
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