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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have a collection of html pages in hindi texts and now I want to convert those into Unicode font as per the demand. So can any one tell me the perfect javascript code that can do this task at the time of page load (without any click event). Thanks
  2. Hello friends, I have some .epub books that I want to display on my webpage just like embeding some reader and put that epub file in the source. But don't know how to and what type of reader I should use. The epub reader should fetch the .epub files from my server. Please help me. Its very urgent. Thanks in advance! -Vivek
  3. I'm working on the TEI stylesheet for EPUB for a BA degree project. I'm trying to modify the stylesheet files, so that they create a list of names selected by me, displayed at the bottom of the file (a final index).I'm trying to force the xsl to write an xml code in preflight mode after the body section (inside “<back>”). But I find hard to define what to do in my template... I even thought to use a function, but I don't understand how do that.I tried to make sure that the right file is selected with the code xsl: attribute; I found this method on the internet but I do not know if it's right.This is my code: <xsl:template match="tei:body" mode="preflight"><xsl:attribute name="href"><xsl:value-ofselect="inputDir"/></xsl:attribute><xsl:choose><xsl:when test="position()=last()"><back><div type="indiceNomi"><b>Indice dei luoghi:</b><xsl:apply-templates select="tei:rs[@type='luogo']"><xsl:sort order="ascending"><p><xsl:value-of select="."/></p></xsl:sort></xsl:apply-templates></div></back></xsl:when><xsl:otherwise></xsl:otherwise></xsl:choose></xsl:template> I would like to know if you can show me which file I need to edit to change the CSS in the epub outuput.Can you please explain me what you would do in my situation, or help me in some other way?Thank you.
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