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Found 3 results

  1. I want to know, if is there any way to javascript change (switch) between two values (1 and 0) in a Checkbox, A code without resulting in a fixed value, its function becomes only toggle value. For example, I need put this in a Property: if (thisComp.layer("Logo").transform.opacity==100) "My Checkbox" (switch) else 0; After Effects Expression
  2. When I try to run this update query in ms access 2007 I get an error box message that says "Data type mismatch in criteria expression". I know the problem is at the end around replace(property.[park city]," ","")=replace(locations2011.city," ",""). But I checked the data types for all the related columns, which is text, and they all match for both tables. If I put quotes around property.[park city] or remove the replace function from it, the query will run but obviously not how I want it to. I've tested this code with a smaller table and it works so what's the problem? UPDATE property, locations2011 SET property.county = locations2011.countyWHERE property.county Is Null And property.[park state]=locations2011.state And replace(property.[park city]," ","")=replace(locations2011.city," ",""); I know I can just remove all the spaces from the property table with ctrl+h replace all but I'd rather leave the data that's already there alone if possible.
  3. Hi, So I'm hoping to get some pointers on identifying namespaces and data contained within them. I have the task of transforming some (to my mind at least) unusual xml and I've not been able to successfully navigate it. Here's an example of the xml: <Report><ReportHost name="SampleHostName"><HostProperties><tag name="End_Time">Fri Jul 30 16:14:56 2010</tag><tag name="mac-address">00:00:00:00:00:01</tag><tag name="os_name">Microsoft Windows</tag><tag name="hostname">TestHostname</tag><tag name="Start_Time">Fri Jul 30 16:13:51 2010</tag></HostProperties>...</ReportHost>...</Report> And here is relevant portion of the XSLT that I'm trying to use to assign "TestHostname" to an XSLT variable: <xsl:for-each select="Report/ReportHost"> <xsl:variable name="hostname" select="HostProperties/tag"/> Running this, the variable "hostname" is assigned all the information (Fri Jul 30 16:14:56 2010 00:00:00:00:00:01 Microsoft Windows TestHostname Fri Jul 30 16:13:51 2010). If I run it with the select expression "HostProperties/hostname" it returns nothing. How can I assign the xslt variable "hostname" the relevant data that is held in <tag name="hostname">TestHostname</tag> ? Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any information quite like this in any of the documentation or trainings I've seen.
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