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Found 3 results

  1. YancyD66

    Add "nohover"

    I have a hover for a fancybox in the body of html that works fine, but on same page in the masthead there is a Ajximagerotator which also works. The issue is that I don't want the masthead images to have the hover attribute. (See attached code.) How can I setup a "nohover" for the rotator. Being a novice, any help would be appreciated. Notepad.pdf
  2. I've got 2 buttons with their own jquery scripts. One launches a fancybox video and the other shows a hidden popup contact form. I had the contact form (which shows another 'thank you msg' class when submitted) working fine, but now that I've added the fancybox button I think the stopPropagation is interfering with fancybox and I can't get them to load together. Is there away I can get my popup form to work without stopPropagation? Does anyone know how I can approach this better? <div class="buttoncont"><div class="innercont"><div class="thanks" style="display:none;"><p>Thanks for contacting class</p></div><div class="social"><!— FANCYBOX BUTTON LINK —><div class="fancybox-media" href="http://vimeo.com/9532951" rel="media-gallery"><a class="btn"> <span class="playarrow"></span><span>watch fancybox preview</span></a></div><!— FANCYBOX BUTTON LINK END—><!— CONTACT US LINK —> <a class="btn2" href="#innercont" id='link'><span class="contactbbl"></span><span>contact us</span></a><!— CONTACT US LINK END —> </div><div id="subscribe-pop”><p>DIV POPUP TRIGGERED FROM CONTACT US LINK</p></div><div id="badge1”><a href="http://www.site1.com"><img class="badge1" src="images/badge1.png" height="auto" width="100%"></a></div><div id=“badge2”><a href="http://www.site2.com"><img class="badge2” src="images/badge2.png" height="auto" width="100%"></a></div></div></div> FANCYBOX SCRIPT <script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() {$('.fancybox-media').attr('rel', 'media-gallery').fancybox({padding: 0,openEffect : 'none',closeEffect : 'none',prevEffect : 'none',nextEffect : 'none',arrows : false,helpers : {media : {},buttons : {}}});});</script> POPUP FORM SCRIPT <script type="text/javascript">$('html').click(function() {$('#subscribe-pop').hide();$('.thanks').hide(); });$('.innercont').click(function(e){e.stopPropagation();});$('#link').click(function(e) {$('#subscribe-pop').toggle();});$('#mc_embed_signup .button').click(function(e) { $('#subscribe-pop').hide(); $('.thanks').toggle(); });$('#mc_embed_signup .cancel').click(function(e) { $('#subscribe-pop').hide(); });$('.thanks').click(function() { $('.thanks').hide(); });</script>
  3. In my website I have Fancyboxes that pop out with an HTML website embedded in them. Those work perfectly fine. What I want to do is in one of the boxes is to scroll over in the fancybox (like in an image gallery) to an additional amount of info. The html contact page will open in a fancybox with one business location and then the viewer will be able to click an arrow to the right to shift to the next set of location information (still in the SAME fancybox). Is this possible? What is the fancybox/javascript code to allow a manually scrolling gallery to be possible? This is my current javascript coding: <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function(){$(".contact").fancybox({'width' : '50%','height' : '50%','autoScale' : false,'transitionIn' : 'fade','transitionOut' : 'fade','overlayOpacity' : 0,'speedIn' : 2000,'speedOut' : 1000,'type' : 'iframe','cyclic' : true}); }); </script> .contact is the class that leads to contact.html page. Any help would be fantastic. Thanks!
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