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Found 4 results

  1. Dear All , I Develop an php website but the at last i dont know what happen the logo is not shown fully http://www.accuracypoint.webuda.com kindly seen it and give me solution of that this is my school project
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I created a website for a friend www.bristol1775.co.uk of which there are several pages. What I would like is under each poster/flyer embed a comments form, so attendees can leave comments / feedback on what they thought of the night. Could anyone assist with the HTML code. I have tested the basic form comments where it goes to email, but I just want a basic leave a comment form. Kind regards Gary
  3. keep on building on this page with html and css. I have a page that I might be a little out there to run on. whether it is right set up with codes or if there is anything I can improve on. http://www.modell-utrykning.com/ http://www.modell-utrykning.com/redingstjenesten/110_brannvesen/01_norsk/02_%20alarmsentral_brann_ost/02_%20alarmsentral_brann_ost.html http://www.modell-utrykning.com/redingstjenesten/110_brannvesen/01_norsk/05_hedemark_110_sentral/brannvesen/02_glamdal_brannvesen_iks/glamdal_brannvesen_iks.html http://www.modell-utrykning.com/redingstjenesten/110_brannvesen/01_norsk/05_hedemark_110_sentral/brannvesen/02_glamdal_brannvesen_iks/0402_kongsvinger/brannstasjon.html
  4. Hi I am new to HTML/Java scriping I work for a Lighting and sound company and we have started to produce lighting and sound control via webpages. I was wondering if there was a way of getting feedback as to what is running via the web. so when someone presses a button on the page it changes lets say from red to green when running and back again when they press it again. the problem i have when they move away from this page and go back to it another time. I need it to be able to reflex what the last state was. the other problem i have is that someone else could change form that state from another web broswer. Is there a way i can keep all pages synced together?? These pages will only be on an internal network. Its not going to be something out on the big WWW. The unit i am using will not run ASP/ASP.net only HTML pages Any help would be grate Thanks in advance DLG18792
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