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Found 7 results

  1. Goat

    Is this safe?

    I was wondering is there is any vulnerabilities in this code: <?php $target_dir = "uploads/"; $target_file = $target_dir . basename($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]); $uploadOk = 1; $imageFileType = pathinfo($target_file,PATHINFO_EXTENSION); // Check if image file is a actual image or fake image if(isset($_POST["submit"])) { $check = getimagesize($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["tmp_name"]); if($check !== false) { echo "File is an image - " . $check["mime"] . "."; $uploadOk = 1; } else { echo "File is not an image."; $uploadOk = 0; } } // Check if fi
  2. Dear all, I thought all tutorial scripts are perfectly functioning without any need for amendments. However, codes of the following tutorial have been used exactly as they are written but did not work: http://www.w3schools.com/php/php_file_upload.asp It reports the following: Notice: Undefined index: fileToUpload in C:\xampp\htdocs\Jadeed\upload.php on line 5 Sorry, file already exists. Notice: Undefined index: fileToUpload in C:\xampp\htdocs\Jadeed\upload.php on line 25 Sorry, only JPG, JPEG, PNG & GIF files are allowed.Sorry, your file was not uploaded. Pls. note tha
  3. I have got some frustating problems facing file upload with a php script. The problem is that my script is working on my local xampp server. But when I transfer it to my strato host server it won't work anymore. There is no error output, although I have set display_errors to on and error_reporting to E_ALL. Here is my complete code which I copied from the w3school file upload tutorial and is stored in the file upload.php: <?php $target_dir = "./uploads"; $target_file = $target_dir . basename($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]); $uploadOk = 1; $imageFileType = pathinfo($target_file,PATHINFO
  4. I am using Ajax File Upload control for uploading multiple files at same time. but i want use my own upload button (in my case save button) for uploading files not the ajax upload button. how can i do this ?
  5. Hi there, I know how to secure file upload by checking file extension, but how can I secure from files that looks like images(have .jpg extension), but they are something else, like .exe file with .jpg extension (don't know for mac and ubundu, but you can do that trick on windows) Thanks advanced
  6. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this file that keeps saying that this file is invalid. it seems certain jpg files are invalid while others are not. yet they all meet the guidelines establish. ERROR:Upload: americanrobinbird.jpgType: image/pjpegSize: 12.8095703125 KbStored in: /chroot/tmp/phpfryeow Invalid file Invalid file Upload.php file <?php$query = "SELECT * FROM {$dbprefix}pages ORDER BY hn ASC";$result = mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error());while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){extract($row);$options .= "<option value='$pn'>$hn</option>";}$query = "SELECT *
  7. Okay this is part of my file upload script what has been taken from tizag websites. Somehow this is giving me the error and $target_path = ../Materials/ if (isset($_GET['submit'])) {$target_path = $_GET['directory'];$target_path = $target_path . basename( $_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']);if(move_uploaded_file($_FILES['uploadedfile']['tmp_name'], $target_path)) { echo "File ". basename( $_FILES['uploadedfile']['name']). " has been sussefully added to websites.";} else { echo "There was error during upload, please check that filesize is not higer than 8MB.";echo $target_path;}}
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