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Found 1 result

  1. BACKGROUND: I have recently created a new page based on code used on another page that appears to be functioning well. As the content is different, however, it was necessary that I make several important modifications. Still, the basic format is the same, and I do not understand why the new content is not responding as it should. As always, I have tried a variety of experiments before coming to you including resetting the values of the width property of both the media rule and the media rule's content, reordering the script order of both the imported CSS files and their content, as well as the placement of the CSS rules that command the flex-box. My CSS selectors appear to be appropriate as I am able to generate change. Unfortunately, the desired change is not the change that I am generating. QUESTION: What is the most likely cause of the dysfunction? ORIGINAL PAGE: Observe the behavior of the pages navigation bar, main section, right sidebar, and footer as the size of your viewport expands and contracts. On my devices (iMac, MacBook, and iPhone) the behavior is the desired behavior. The various section appear to function well no matter the selected browser. http://www.grammarcaptive.com/overview.html NEW PAGE: Although the main content section is empty, the right sidebar does not function as intended under the second media rule -- this, despite its proper functioning under the first and third rules. http://www.grammarcaptive.com/podcast_dev_copy.html NOTE: I'll not place any code as everything is easily viewed online.
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