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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I hope everyone is having a good new year so far. Ive got a strange issue which I cant figure out how to resolve. In October, I added a newsletter to our site. Everything looks Ok & works. (I used the W3 validation tool https://validator.w3.org - Everything checks out & its valid - except for 3rd-party website information). Last night / today I added a 2nd newsletter. the problem is, the "footer" that should appear at the bottom of the page, now sits on the right-side of the screen where (vertically) the text of the newsletter starts off. I also validated this page & everything checks out (except the third-party HTML code). with the validations - there are no errors with open/closed DIV tags, everything as it should be. Ive made a check & the "text" of the newsletter only contain BR tags (self closing). I cannot see why the 'footer' isnt at the bottom of the page. Ive even (now) added the BLOCK command - To force it to the next line. But no, no changes. div id="footer" style="display: block" http://animals.kwister.com/newsletters/2020_10 - October 2020 is Ok (on my screen), but the January 2021 version is showing the problem.
  2. Hi Guys, this is my first post to the forum and i'm studying xhtml and css at university. Just written some css code for a site and want to overrite the a:hover background color for the footer only. As i've placed the css and html validation images in the footer, and when i hover, they activate the a:hover background color. It's probably a difficult thing to change, but am having trouble finding the way to do it. Thanks,
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