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Found 4 results

  1. PROBLEM: Turn a two-step SELECT procedure into a one-step procedure. The two-step procedure is 1) Discover with a query to a parent table what other rows in the parent table are related to the queried row. 2) Obtain selected data for the queried row and other related rows from the parent table and a child table that are connected by a FOREIGN KEY. BACKGROUND: I have two tables -- a parent (parent_table) and a child (child_table) table - connected by a valid FOREIGN KEY and an additional table (ref_table) that contains information about the relationship among the rows of both
  2. jaylow

    foreign key error

    Hello, i have 2 tables. one is for users to sign up and the other is to make character. i added a foreign key to the character table to link it to the members table not when i sign up it just adds me to the table but when i want to make a character it give me this error i want to link the character_id to the id in the members table, so i know what character belongs to what member.. i get: ERROR:could not able to execute INSERT INTO `character` (charname, ######, gold, xp, accdate) VALUES ('jay', 'male', 100000, 0, now()).Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constra
  3. I have Table2 with a foreign key to Table1. I want to create a trigger that automatically update Table2 when Table1 is updated. Here is what's on my mind: create trigger MyTrigger on Table1 instead of update asif UPDATE(Table1_ID)begin declare @OldID as int, @NewID as int; select @OldID=P_ID from deleted; select @NewID=P_ID from inserted; update Table2 set Table1_ID=@NewID where Table2.Table1_ID=@OldID; update Table1 set Table1_ID=@NewID where Table1_ID=@OldID;end I received an error from SQL Server indicating that there was a conflict with the foreign key constraint when I tried to update
  4. I am using phpMyAdmin and currently having trouble trying to make a foreign key. table album - soloID -> table solo artist - id Already tried: Indexing soloID Different sites: youtube, stackoverflow...etc After searching, I have found nobody actually made a detailed tutorial on how to make a foreign key for somebody who already created tables. Hopefully, somebody can help me here.
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