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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there. I am building a website that has its body centered in the page and it's width is exactly 768 px. I want right on it's left (and touching it) a menu that will always stay on screen while scrolling down. Here's how I thought to do: The body's css (in fact in my code a <div> with id="canvas"): #canvas { float : auto ; margin-left: auto ; margin-right: auto ; top : 100% ; bottom : 100% ; width : 768px ; } And my menu <div id="floatMenu">: #floatMenu { position : fixed ; width : 64px ;} Now, in order to keep this menu always exactly on the left of the "canvas", I came up with a simple formula which is: 50% - (768 / 2)px - (64)px (see image attached) * 50% is the center of the browser's window * (768/2) is half of the canvas' width * 64 is the width of the floatMenu itself My question is: would it be possible to code this formula in CSS? And if not, I'm open to any suggestions to position my menu the way I want it. Thanks in advance for reading! Thomas
  2. Hi, I am building some javascript calculators that must calculate according to an excel doc with formulas ; ie, (it must have same answers as excel sheet). I am fairly new at javascript but have gotten pretty far. The problem that im having is that the answers that my javscript calculators are producing arent exactly the same as the Excel formulas. (but very close) Example: Javascript Calculator- https://wzsdesign.com/WebTemplWP1/cal6.html Excel Formulas- If you take a look at the link with the javascript calculator and input the same numbers as the screen shot you will notice that there a small differences in the answers. Can someone please help?
  3. hello all how to make italicize the fonts or make the words in italics in the following computes: 'W/F: ' + if ( isnull( brand_drug ) , ' ', ' ' + brand_drug ) i only want to make the part if ( isnull( brand_drug ) , ' ', ' ' + brand_drug ) in italics and to maintain the font style for 'W/F: ' cheers!
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