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Found 10 results

  1. Hello - first time posting. I've searched the forums to see if anyone else had the same question, with no luck. I'm going through the lessons in the tutorial but I can't figure out what's going on in part of the JS Type Conversion lesson. I'll link to the full lesson here, but below is the part I'm having trouble with: (mainly the function) I have no idea what's happening in the function... could someone be kind enough to break it down in detail for me? I understand how arrays work. But the function here has me stumped. Thanks so much
  2. Please i dont know why the my little code do not run the header function - header('Location: http://www.example.com/'); Please i need ans. thanks <?php session_start(); //start the session for the page include("db.php"); //include database file //Check if page was entered by a submit button $user_name=$_POST['user_name']; //Get username !!FROM FORM!! $password=($_POST['password']); //Get name !!FROMFORM!! if (!empty($user_nam
  3. Hello, this is my first post on the forums after learning HTML and JavaScript for the past 2 weeks. I have a suggestion to make for the JavaScript Functions tutorial, specifically learning how to call a function. The tutorial is very good overall and I am enjoying learning about HTML & JavaScript. As this is my first exposure to coding, my suggestion may be out of place or unusual that I did not know this particular information. However, the JavaScript tutorial never to my knowledge taught me how to call a function the way Exercise 1 at the bottom of the Function tutorial (https://www.w3sc
  4. Hi, I've made an html page that invokes a function automatically ( using the parentheses b/4 & after ) to make a table from an XML file. It worked great with a little help from you guys. I then made another one to read a different XML file and that worked great. I want to put both tables on the same page so I made a couple of 'divs' and positioned each in a column formation. That part seems to work well, but I am calling the 2 functions to make the tables consecutively and it doesn't work as I wanted. When I open this file in a browser, as it is here, I get only the second table in
  5. Hi there, I've recently started to try and learn JavaScript on my own in my spare time, as it's an area of work I'd like to get into (not exactly loving my current occupation). I'm trying to learn it from a book I got and finding it very difficult! Much harder than html and css (which I've been learning for a few months as well). I'm trying to answer this question below with a 'for loop' (which is partially running), but I'm really lost as to how to answer it using a function?? Could anyone give me some advice, as it's really doing my head in! It'd be greatly appreciated indeed.... Question:
  6. Hello all, I am coming to learn PHP with a C/C++ background and noticed something which I think is incorrect: $myfile = fopen(); retuens a handle to the file. In the explanation for fread() however it is used and the explanation is that it is the name of the file as the 1st argument. This in my opinion is an incorrect explanation, it is actually the HANDLE. The majority of the PHP syntax however is mostly clear to me. Thanks to those who put the effort, to help us new comers... Cheers Alex
  7. I Have Just Read About The performance.now() Standard,But I Felt Uncomfortable About It. Is There Any Other Way To Solve This?.
  8. I have a function that calls another function inside a "for" loop. The second function uses setInterval() to display and update a countdown clock on the web page. The user sets the time on the countdown clock in minutes, and also sets the number of times the loop will operate (how many countdown clocks). I want the code in the first function to wait until the clock reaches zero before continuing. function firstFunction(){ for(I=1; I<count; I++){ some code... secondFunction(); more code... } My one idea was to create a global variable/flag with a "while" loop with
  9. Please forgive me, I'm new at this and old, so the going is slow. 1. If you place multiple functions in .js file, can a functions overwrite or negate other functions? If so, is there special designation that need to be placed in .js file. I'm having trouble with functions not working on the webpage like buttons not working correctly after adding a another function. (I'm not on a live webpage - just learning) 2. Are js files exclusively for functions? Can other things be placed in a .js file besides code that start with function because I've tried other things like example below and co
  10. I have an application that needs about a dozen separate unrelated and independent javascript functions to run as designed. At present, they are all in a single header (about 17,700 lines of code). All of them, except one, have less than 100 lines of code. The one exception has over 16,000 lines of code. Is there any limit to the number of javascript functions that can appear in a header? Is there a limit to the function size? Do they have to be placed in any specific order? If yes, I'm assuming that I will have to carve them out into separate included js files. If this is the case, the
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