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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, I'm looking for a solution in using a function. The function fetches data from a database. In a column multiple results are found. I want to have all the records outisde the function. Inside the function all records are shown, but outside only the last record. I thought I could use return array, but it only returns multiple variables and not multiple rows. Not sure if fetch() is the solution for arrays. example: <?php function test_func($val4) { global $val1; global $val2; global $val4; $servername = "host";
  2. when working with $_SESSION and creating a super global then in the script where I use include and call the variable the entire form is showing up. I have to work with $_SESSION, because $_POST or $_GET wont work in this situation. Is there a way to transfer a form value to another script, and then a single value and not the complete form with everything in it.
  3. It occurs from time to time that a website url reference that is used site wide changes. For example if the site starts using php then index.htm has to change to index.php. Is there a way of creating site wide html variables for this purpose to save searching for and editing many references on the site.
  4. Hi guys, I just have a dumb question but looks like I can't find the answer anywhere at all. What is a global function? specifically, how do I determine the scope of a function? I know the definition of the variable scope, but function scope, I don't, hope you guys could clarify this for me. One more thing. I have this code down below about the "this" keyword. Doesn't the "this" keyword refer to the element that triggers the event? if so, why it pops up "undefined" when I click on the paragraph? I'm pretty positive "this" in my case is bound to a global variable(that's why it gives me an "
  5. The last example for window.clearTimeout() method has an explanation that appears to be inconsistent with the 'try it yourself' example on the JavaScript Timing Events page. I have put the text needing corrected in red: How to Stop the Execution?The clearInterval() method is used to stop further executions of the function specified in the setInterval() method. Syntaxwindow.clearInterval(intervalVariable) The window.clearInterval() method can be written without the window prefix. To be able to use the clearInterval() method, you must use a global variable when creating the interval method:
  6. The code below works fine (apart from in Safari but that's a different problem). You can see the working code in action here: http://codepen.io/deldalton/full/mfoIi function expandNav() { var nav = document.getElementById("navBar"); if (nav.className == "collapsed") { nav.className = "expanded"; document.getElementById("navButton").src="images/lightNavUp.png";} else { nav.className = "collapsed"; document.getElementById("navButton").src="images/lightNavDown.png";}}function changeIconOnMouseOver() { if (document.getElementById("navBar").className == "collapsed") { docu
  7. Although I can console.log lastSel it is coming up as a blank when the PHP is called in the header. So when the header is passed it is id: "" even though clearly there is a value in lastSel and I am type casting to string. I am wondering what could be the source of the issue. lastSel is defined outside of any function braces as just "lastSel = """ without using the var keyword. Why would it be blank as String(lastSel) even though I can console.log a value? <script>$(function(){var date = new Date();var d = date.getDate();var m = date.getMonth();var y = date.getFullYear(); $('#cal
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