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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, We are trying to generate pdf which needs the google map rendering. We will be using puppeteer as headless chrome to generate the pdf. While using the puppeteer, we won't be having any domain name as such. So how we can create and use a google map api key when we do not have any domain name?
  2. Hey guys, I know that this is quite a longshot but I hope that there is someone here that can help me. We've had problems with our Store Locator on our homepage for quite a long time since it was missing an API Code (which we got today). The site I'm talking about is this: http://www.melon-helmets.com/en/stores The Problem is: I don't know where to put the API. There is this line of code <script src="http://maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false" type="text/javascript"></script> My guess was that I'd have to enter the API key after js?, by adding key=ourkey. It does display the map without an error afterwards, unfortunately it always asks me to enter a zip code or adress, even though I did so. (Tried City/Adress/ZIP Code) Can anyone help me? (I'm fairly poor at html/css/js) Thank you!
  3. Hi There, I'am developing an new wordpress website with The X from theme.co Default i only can add text content to my google map infobox. But i want to show an Text, Hyperlink and logo like this: I want to use Advanced Custom Fields to accomplish this and tried to added the following code to my childthemes functions.php // Website in infobox// =============================================================================add_action('init', 'remove_parent_theme_shortcodes');function remove_parent_theme_shortcodes() { remove_shortcode( 'x_google_map' ); add_shortcode( 'x_google_map', 'custom_google_map');}function custom_google_map( $atts ) { the_field('website'); <-// Advanced Custom Fields code //} But no results and the site gets a whitescreen. Thanks in advance, Gino
  4. Hi all, I created basic googleMap ... from w3school example ... but I have one question ... dafault all is set to the center view ... how can I set it more left .... For example : I have google map of size 500x500 px ... and of course the pointer is set to coords 250,250 = to the center ... how can I move it more left => 100,250 ... I hope you understand what I want ... thanks a lot indeed for your answers
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