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Found 5 results

  1. siam

    Please Help

    I decide to create a social site and want to income from my site. but i don't know how can i income from my site without useing any advertisement. have any best hosting company and domain company, can pay their client for using there service ? please help.
  2. I have this website( awaenvirons.com) on a Hosting site called Hostparker....which I hosted on Internet on 2014 but it has expired late last year......so I want to ask if the website can be re-established the way it is before, if I pay for another plan.....I think it has been more than 4 months now.... (This site was almost coded manually by me and I knew what it took me to do that)
  3. Hi guys, I thought since this is a forum where web development is taught it would be a good idea for the community to hear about an awesome free web hosting service. They provide hosting absolutely free, there is no catch. You get 1500 MB of disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. They also have cPanel control panel which is amazing and easy to use website builder. Moreover, there is no any kind of advertising on your pages.You can register here: http://www.000webhost.com/ Enjoy, GeorgeBoy http://freegamer5.comyr.com
  4. westman


    hi all,to day i have no problem with any php and javascript (tuch wood) i need help with hosting i have a normel site and a normel hots provider at the mo. but now i would like to add a webcam fetcher to my site so my users can chat using webcams,please can you tell me what type of hosting i need for this? if you can send links, that would be helpfull or tell me what i must ask google. thank you
  5. Hi, I have questions with regards to dedicated servers and the package we currently have with Godaddy. Our dedicater server specs are as follows: OS: Microsoft Windows server 2003, Web edition, service pack 2Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz1GB Ram150GB Hard driveI'm not sure what our bandwidth is, but I think its 500GB per month20GB FTP BackupMySQLHmailserverPHP 5 We are paying $115 /m for this dedicated server!Am I getting ripped off? I hear that Godaddy is only good for buying domain names and thats it!This dedicated server is like the computer people bought back in the late 90's!! I am really considering "upgrading" my dedicated server and what we don't like about the Godaddys dedicated server, is the fact that we DO NOT have tech support!!We do need tech support. Further questions:1) Is it necessary to have a faster computer and operating system?2) Who can offer me a dedicated server with full support (so if we have problems with the hmailserver or MySQL, we can contact the company to resolve the issue(s)?3) If I decide to go with a new dedicated server, can we simply transfer all the data from our current server to the new server? I would appreciate your responce / advice and suggestions, thanks!
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