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Found 3 results

  1. Im trying to use jssor slider from github, but when i copy the code it wont work. For some reason the arrows on the left and right side in the main picture dont show up, even tho when you hover over it with your mouse it does work. Also the unselected thumbnail borders are not the right size. Can anyone help me? Also little loading gif wont show up on main big picture just as on thumbnails. I uploaded it to http://sugafreetest.hostoi.com The example what i want to do is http://www.jssor.com/demos/image-gallery.html Thanks
  2. hey guys l just finished learning javascript and want to build a simple image slider. l tried using array but it just won't slide l would like to know to build one without jquery. you can direct me to a site that explains the process or just paste the code here..thanks ahead.
  3. Spunky

    CSS Keyframes

    Hey guys, so I recently decided to dive into the use of keyframes for CSS3. I first looked at the tutorial on w3schools and I find it to be very simple to understand, I love it. Only problem is, I found a CSS Slider that uses keyframes and for some reason I can't understand how to edit it to reduce or even add how many images it holds. I swear I got rid of everything that even mentions a fifth cycle and it still cycles through it even though it is blank. I just need a little help understanding keyframes I suppose. #slider li.firstanimation {-moz-animation:cycle 20s linear infinite;-webkit-a
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