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Found 5 results

  1. When I copy and paste the tags of Image it does not work
  2. I want to add image in pricing table
  3. I've a beginner's problem maybe someone can help with. Imagine a game simulating a sporting event (baseball, boxing, football, &c.). The games, themselves, are divided into time periods -- innings, rounds, quarters, &c. -- and one cannot know ahead of time how many periods actually will be played. So, for example, baseball is a nine-inning game -- unless there is rain or the need for extra innings if a tie; boxing is so many rounds -- unless there is a knockout or other fight-ending incident. The simulation addresses this within the game via a template -- the template describ
  4. Hello! I am slowly learning HTML with your tutorials which have been very helpfull. I did my first large HTML code excercise and in general I think it went well. However, I still can't insert any images succesfully. I don't have Adobe Dreamweaver, or any other editors that were sugested to work HTML. I am making all of my practices on my PC's Notepad. Maybe that has something to do with it? Here is part of the code where I'm stuck: (I can send you the whole <body> if that would help...) <p> Below is a sample of one of our best sellers. Feel free to <a href="http://ww
  5. In order to service an array of clusters (test results) I use the xsl "for-each" control. I generate a single page per test, but each test has a different image that needs to be displayed on the page. The array contains the image name & path for that test, and so is easy to extract using xsl.I would like to allocate the new image & path name to a variable ($MyImg) for each new iteration of the array.The problem with <img src="FileName.jpg" /> seems to be that src cannot live without the " ", and it seems that you cannot service a tag inside the inverted commas. I've tried putting
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