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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all,I'm a student of the humanities and I'd never used xml till this morning. I'm trying to mark up some bibliographic information from an index card. Below is what I have so far. ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><TEI xmlns="http://www.tei-c.org/ns/1.0"><teiHeader> <fileDesc> <titleStmt> <title>Prof. Ruth Sherry Archive of Frank O'Connor material</title> </titleStmt> <publicationStmt> <p>Published as an exercise for University College Cork MA module EN6009 Contemporary Literary Research</p> </publicationStmt> <sourceDesc> <p>Archive from University College Cork Boole Library Special Collections</p> </sourceDesc> </fileDesc> <revisionDesc> <list> <item> <date>29 January 2014</date>first edition</item> </list> </revisionDesc></teiHeader> <text> <body> <bibl><author><name><persName><surname>Ruthven</surname><forename>K.K.</forename></persName></name></author> <title>Feminist Literary Studies: An Introduction</title> <date>1984</date> <publisher>Cambridge University Press</publisher> <pubPlace>Cambridge</pubPlace> </bibl> <lg> <l> K.K. Ruthven 1105</l> <l> Feminist Literary Studies:</l> <l> An Introduction</l> <l> Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press 1984</l> </lg> </body></text> </TEI> I want to insert an element that contains the information that this is index card number 1105 (ideally I'd like to convey that it is index card 1105 of 3200). I asked my lecturer how to do this in class but her response was a little hurried as we were just finishing up and I didn't get to try inserting the information till after class. I was told to put it in under either <text> or <body>, whichever would take it. She told me I should put the information in an <xml:id=""> tag but this is not legal. I can amend my <text> or <body> tag to include an xml:id, like so <text xml:id="indexCard"> but this doesn't seem appropriate. I suppose the attribution implies that the text is an index card, which is valid information but it says nothing of the number - the value I wish to convey. I tried simply defining an element like <indexCard>1105</indexCard> within my <text> tag or <body> tag but this is not permissible either. How do I define such an element and attribute it a value? There are a few other details I'd like to address also. Within my <bibl> tag I have a forename tag. It is illegal to change this to <initials> but the information I have is not strictly a forename and for the life of me I cannot find what the initials K.K. stand for! Is there a legal tag I can use instead which would be more accurate? Lastly, just a couple of formatting questions. How do I preserve white space? In Oxygen, when I switch from text to Author view, the white space I include in my text is collapsed to a single space. I would like to preserve the layout of the text as best as possible. Similarly, I wish to skip lines in my text section. If I leave an empty line tag <l></l>, it appears as a single bold letter l rather than a blank line. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please forgive (but do point out) any misuse of terminology. **EDIT: Never mind about the <forename> issue. I found out that it's Ken K. and also that it is acceptable to put initials under this tag.**
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