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Found 1 result

  1. Bootstrap sounds a bit like a finished optional program to use? also It seemed like when I first started seeing this page I have been learning from, that it is trying to "sell me" on the HTML5 as a good new and easier way to think of html code I wonder if this stuff has any merit? is it true? Is there any particular Web and computer code language *(scripting etc,) that are universal, or more functional for a different similar type? like for example I have read that someone wrote "there personal favorite scripting is" and similar quoted. Is there any that are not liked or favored by many, but are more sort of fundamentally necessary to and work very well, and will be around to stay? It seems like to me HTML, is the way things are done, also interactions with internet and computers happens with javascript. As I have researched more about how it all works, It seems there are database languages that are used as well, and of course web page layout - CSS, it seems like some of these must be more of a basic foundation? I would like to focus on the types of web coding that have stood the test of time? types of code that aren't going anywhere due to the nature of how they function is not likely to be outdated soon? some of the questions and comments are referring to, jSON, mySql, appML, PHP, jquery, CSS, bootsrap, html5, (html5 vs. HTML or XHTML), xml, are any of the things listed Proprietarily limited more-so than others? or do any of them duplicate function of another? all generally speaking, I am sure there are reasons for everything. but to cut down the cluster of things to learn? which is important, and if multitudes of things are important enough to learn. which order is best?
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