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Found 2 results

  1. I need a query that will return the "Next" lines (the lines that come after the lines I specify). I'm told the LAG function works in SQL 2012, but I'm running 2008 and LAG is not recognized.Here's what I'm looking for:Tables: WORK_ORDER, OPERATIONMy OPERATION table contains all of the operations (sequenced (10,20,30,40...)) associated with each work order. My work orders each have 10 linear operations, meaning that only one is worked on at a time, and the next operation does not start until the current operation is completed. The OPERATION table shows sequence, qty_completed, and scheduled start date. I need a query that will show me ALL of the work orders and their current operation (the operation after the last completed operation, or the operation with the earliest "scheduled start date" with 0 qty_completed). Here's something similar to what I need (but for only one workorder and using the LAG function): SELECT WORKORDER_SUB_ID, SEQUENCE_NO, COMPLETED_QTY, COALESCE( LAG(COMPLETED_QTY,1) OVER ( PARTITION BY WORKORDER_BASE_ID, WORKORDER_LOT_ID, WORKORDER_SPLIT_ID, WORKORDER_SUB_ID ORDER BY WORKORDER_SUB_ID, SEQUENCE_NO) -COMPLETED_QTY ,0) AS AVAILABLE_QTYFROM OPERATIONWHERE WORKORDER_TYPE='W' AND WORKORDER_BASE_ID='17411' AND WORKORDER_LOT_ID='65' AND WORKORDER_SPLIT_ID='0'ORDER BY WORKORDER_SUB_ID, SEQUENCE_NO;
  2. Hey guys! Btw, great new look Okay, I have a problem that I fear cannot be resolved.I would simply like confirmation of this. My site makes use of jQuery and the LavaLamp effet for the menu.You can check it out here. My problem is this: the portfolio section is basically a jQuery slideshow, with fading transitions and such.We're still good. The problem comes when I add an animation the the background image.The slideshow becomes choppy whenever the user moves his mouse. Am I coding in a non-efficent way?Or is this just a normal jQuery limitation? Thanks.
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