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Found 2 results

  1. This is important for me, I need information about web-based software/application law (e.g. copyright, license, privacy policy, etc.). Me and my team are building a web-based software/application. I can't inform the name or what it does, but the procedures similar to something like Noteflight. The main question is: what kind of copyright we should have for a web-based software/application? is it copyright for the software, the website or both? There should be a big difference between Noteflight and an online shop application, while they're both website and a software. I just don't know how to describe it. The other question is: how to describe the difference between a Website, a Software and web-based software? How these issues managed by US or other countries law? because in my place the law is still too blurred to my eye. Yet, we have many hackers and plagiarism around here. I know, I should ask someone at Noteflight first, but I wish I can get wider thoughts here. any help? Thanks!
  2. hello w3s again.. i have a question, since its not against the rules, i was thinking of asking before doing anything stupid action. the question is if i could release my work?, i mean. for instance. not WHOLE websites, but parts of the codes, i mean. for instance when i am done with a project to my website (lets say a news-tool) that can have drop-down boxes with jquery and so on,would it be against the rules to release those codes to the board here to share the codes i have been developing and others might find usefull in the feature?.. -thanks in advance!
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