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Found 3 results

  1. Basic JavaScript learning - should be started by knowledgeable and competant persons for the benefit of the beginers or the first time learners. websites is a huge domain where almost everyone is trying to put up themselves exhibiting their skills, experiences, motivation and designs. Could someone kindly consider this request for larger interests of the society of interested javaScript learners.
  2. Hi, Can anyone recommend anywhere that I can learn code part time in the United Kingdom? I have been teaching myself html, css, etc on a basic level & now venturing into php, mysql, js, etc & think that having a tutor or guidance would really help speed up my learning process. Any companies or colleges offering part time courses in these area's will hopefully fill in the holes in my knowledge & help me progress. I'm not really concerned about qualification certificates, the knowledge is more important to me. Thanks for any advice. Old Guy.
  3. Wonder how many other folks find themselves in this the same situation.Interested in learning, say, PHP, but needing to use it now because of things that crop up. Therefore often finding themselves in the situation needing to get quick help and advice from (very kind) people who know, and then implementing their suggestions on the fly before properly understanding how that works. Sure, you learn. In a random sort of way. But not an ideal way of going about it? Nevertheless, is this how most people end up coming at it? Or maybe just getting started? Interested to hear opinions/experiences on this. Could apply to any language, of course. Could it be that this arises because design and development has got so much more demanding, technical, and complicated that where one person might once have done both, now you need two or more. But if you don't have two, then... back to where I started at the top...
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