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Found 12 results

  1. Hello! Newbie here. I'm OK with HTML and CSS, but seriously lack knowledge on JS. Wanting to learn, but I am under the gun to complete a new web site first and I'm stumped on some JS requirements. W3 Schools is a great source of info and learning for me, but I can't seem to find a complete and useful answer yet to this problem. I am making a Products page for my business where I want to show 4 - 6 pictures in a LightBox mode for each of four separate product lines, with all of the products lines shown on one page. Similar to how this company did it on their page: https://sonicenclosures.
  2. Is it possible to use this lightbox code with multiple galleries? At the moment, when using it with different galleries, lightbox will pop up, but it only show first gallery, and the others won't display. I have implemented this lightbox code with my PHP code and for the first gallery, everything is fine, but when I click others, only those gallery thumbnails will show up, but the currentSlide isn't and I understand that code changes only in the first gallery. My code: <div class="row"> <div class="row-inner" id="ajax-posts"> <?php while( $refs->h
  3. I whenever I hit on an image on the Lightbox the image is always loading in reverse to what it should be so when I hit image 4 it is showing image 1, please help me here is the code <div class="galleryrow"> <div class="column"> <img src="images/gallery image 4.jpg" style="width:90%" onclick="openModal();currentSlide(4)" class="hover-shadow cursor" height="195px"> </div> <div class="column"> <img src="images/gallery image 3.jpg" style="width:90%" onclick="openModal();currentSlide(3)" class="hover-shadow cursor" he
  4. does anyone know why this doesn't work? it shows the picture but when I hit on it to maximise it, its not there. please help <div class="galleryrow"> <div class="column"> <img src="images/gallery image 10.jpg" style="width:90%" onclick="openModal();currentSlide(10)" class="hover-shadow cursor" height="195px"> </div> <div class="column"> <img src="images/gallery image 9.jpg" style="width:90%" onclick="openModal();currentSlide(9)" class="hover-shadow cursor" height="195px"> </div> <div class="column"> <
  5. Hi All, I'm running a website i.e. http://homepageforu.webs.com/, its running good, its a simple website with HTML & CSS, I like to add one signup page/image, which fades all the background icons, until n unless, either visitor subscribe to my website, or click cancel on that signup page (this page is also unblockable i.e. doesn't blocked by pop-up blocker) & in either condition, he/she can visit my website, but if he goes for sign up, than that page should be open in a new window. i've seen this in many websites specially with online shopping or coupons website, like "http://
  6. Hello, I'm having trouble getting my back and next buttons in my lightbox to work! Any help will be greatly appreciated! http://imd.edumedia....term/index.html
  7. Hi, I just wanted to multiple lightbox slideshows in a page with different contents in each of lightbox slideshow. How can I do ? I tested in the following page but it does not work all shows same content. http://www.egtours.com/test.php
  8. I am trying to have a link submit some form data to a lightbox ( I am using facebox) and am having some trouble. The basic code I am working with is: <form name="form" method="post" action="test.asp"><ul><li><a href="#" onclick="document.forms['form'].dept.value = 'ACC'; document.forms['form'].course.value = '115'; document.form.submit('test.asp');" rel="facebox">ACC 115 Payroll Accounting</a></li></ul><input type="hidden" value="" name="dept" id="dept"><input type="hidden" value="" name="course" id="course"></form><script type="
  9. I have a table layout for my picture gallery live example : http://test.repsolhondanc24.co.uk/ When you minimise it or have it on a smaller screen resolution the table does not reduce in size like the other page content section does. Where am I going wrong. I want the table to be all the same size for width and heigh per square alternatively is there a better picture gallery I can use with out using a table (I'm keeping the light-box feature)
  10. My website is getting closer to being completed but it does not validate and with over 278 errors, its annoying (im so tired now lol) Can someone look at the errors on the attached file and let me know what I need to do to correct it. (Its not the one with 278 errors as it says its too large so I uploaded the smaller page) ride-out-gallery.html
  11. I'm using the script here: http://lokeshdhakar....ects/lightbox2/ As the method of displaying the images here: http://www.kylenystrom.com/new Everything works fine except for this one thing: I need to update a screenshot of a website I developed (sunset.jpg), but I don't want another image in my sites directory. So, I updated it, and overwrote it; locally and on my web server. (The file has the same name and extension, but the actual image is different.) But the old image is still displaying in the lightbox. I've overwritten both the local and server copies more than twice, but to no avail. I'
  12. Hi, I am busy testing out a lightbox form that I'm working on and I've got all to work except the "success" or "thank you" page.Basically I want the user to fill in the online form and when the they are click 'submit', the "thank you" message or page resolves in the same lightbox that the form was in. Go to www.testing123.co.za/test.htm and click on that link you see saying "AJAX SuperBox".The lightbox is opening up an HTML page within in the test.htm page (basically acting like an iFrame?).When I click submit, the page resolves to the success.htm page (which it should) but not in the lightbox
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