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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I would like to know that why don't you tell about <marquee> tag in your HTML tutorial. Is there any other HTML tag about which we are not beig told.? Thanks.
  2. I have a marquee on my website (http://blogandthecity.net). I want it to be stuck at the screen. I think it is called "fixed". You know what I mean? Right now the marquee stops at a certain point, but I want it to be the size of the whole screen/website. So I think there are two options: 1. make the marquee as long as possible (However some webpages are longer than others. And I don't know how I can make the marquee longer. I already tried some things) 2. make the position fixed. (I tried to put "position: fixed" in the code, but the result is that the marquee doesn't scroll anymore. So the movement stops. And the marquee doesn't fit the screen either..) Do you know how I can solve this problem? If you need the css style, I will put it here too. Ectually, I am afraid it is not possible. If not, does somebody know how I can let it "fade" away in the screen/white at the end of the marquee?
  3. I wanna ask for some advice from you guys on marquee and the use of it.I know most common browsers support it. It's not XHTML though. Is it an evil thing?In my honest opinion, I know JS can sort that out and marquee is no longer needed but it's simple and doesn't require a browser like IE to approve JS before loading it. Another question is:Why can't I apply marquee in this way? <table><tr><th>XXX</th></tr><div class="marquee"><marquee direction="up" height="100" width="400" > <tr> <td>XXX</td> </tr></marquee></div></table> When I move the marquee tags out of the table tags, it works. Why?
  4. Hi I am a student at a marketing university (unofficial University) & during some exercise in building a page the trainer gave me a DIV tag that would not scroll or show the lettering. It would not work in my edit plus as well as in the w3 school, but it did work for him in both! I thought it my be my browser so I tried firefox, google chrome & Internet explorer all produced same results. Here's the tag: last portion of the page <DIV style="top:340px; left:10px;width:582px; HEIGHT:60px; BORDER: 4px #000000 solid; background-color:purple; position:absolute"><br><marquee bgcolor=pink><font size="5" color="black"><B>This page was made by</B></font></marquee></Div> Thanks!
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