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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I saw following function: var banner = document.querySelector( '.stage div' ), a = 50, b = 50, c = 0; function sine(){ banner.style.top = a * Math.sin( start ) + b + 'px'; banner.style.left = c + "px"; c += 0.1; } window.setInterval( sine, 50 ); It is to make a sine motion in js; it works. Does anyone know the original equation of this in math that similar to: y = a sin c + b, x = c ? Thanks!
  2. I want to get the value that is in the center between three values. For example: Math."middle"(34.78, 56.12, 45.54) Result in: 45.54 How I can do this?
  3. I want to be able to use the current date to solve a math problem, specifically as follows:If today is March 17, the math problem of the day should be:(Month times Day of Month) + 99 = Answer of the Day(3 x 17) + 99 = 150How can I create a java script to find the current month and the current day of month, multiple those two together, then add 99 and display the answer as a result. Ideally I'd like to embed this into an existing simple html page by referencing the JavaScript "math problem" so when "index.html" is opened, I have a line that shows immediately: "The answer of the day is: X"
  4. funbinod

    php math

    i want to learn php math function. please guide me where can i learn this...
  5. Hi all - I have searched the forums, tutorials and the web and I cannot find a good answer to this. I find plenty of HTML code for many math symbols, but I am specifically looking for one pictured (the long line) Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. Hello Everyone, what could be the solution for this problem? $sa=0.15; $sb=1.30; echo $sa * 3;echo $sb * 3; result for $sa I get correct calculation of 0.45 but for $sb instead of 3.9 I get wrong calculation of 1.33.9. what can I do to fix this issue?
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