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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Friends, I have the following CSS class 'box' defined with 'min-width' media query. @media screen and (min-width: 768px) { .box {display:none} } But this class is not showing in dreamweaver class suggestions. But when I put the same class using 'max-width', then suggestion is showing as per the following screenshot. Anyone know whats the reason and how to resolve this. Thanks in advance. Thanks! Shaiju.
  2. I have an image with the following css properties. img.mainImg { width: 100%; height: auto; max-height: 1000px; } This causes the img to resize with the browser window, while keeping it's height to width ratio. This is almost the desired effect. What I am trying to achieve, however, is for the image to stop resizing once it has reached a certain width, and then start to crop the image instead. Can this be achieved with CSS, using media queries?
  3. Hey, been awhile... So I am playing around with fluid/responsive website design and I have hit a block relating to Max-Width being ignored when using Float. I know this is just how it is (honestly I can't understand the logic of why though), but is there a way around it? Simply I got this: <div id="wrap"><div id="left">Content</div><div id="right">Content</div></div> #wrap {width: 900px;}#left,#right {max-width: 450px;min-width: 320px;float: left;} The result is both #left and #right become 320px wide divs floating left... To outline quickly what I want to happen just incase I am approaching this all wrong... I want the two divs side by side until both of them squeeze down to 320px as a result of a different device screen size or the shrinking of a browser window. After this the right div will drop under the left div and they both will resize to fill the remaining space until again they are squeezed down to 320px... Thanks for any input.
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