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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a way for creating a template in html (css/java/php) for having a tag/id with page name to be used into links? Something like: <head> #name="this_is_page_name" #folder="part_of_location" </head> <body> <a href="111111/#folder/222222_#name.html">...</a> </body> Thanks!
  2. I am new. I was working thru the tutorials when I discovered that all of my work on the exercises disappeared. So, as I was searching for a resolution, discovered the forums. I tried to register and it said it already had my email address. I don't recall every registering before. After "retrieving" my "lost password", to my horror I find my email address displayed as my username. And worse, no way to change it???? 1. How do I change my display name. (It is NOT listed for me as an option under Settings) 2. How do I retrieve the work I did on my exercises. (my cookies have not been deleted on my computer since I began them) Thanks to anyone who can assist me with this.
  3. Although Name tag works, the validator chokes on it and I tried the suggested Section tag but it has too much baggage and ruins the image of my web page. Is there a replacement for Name? I have my glossary hyperlinked with `<a href="#Electronics"> Electronics </a>` and `<a name="Electronics"></a>` as the landing mark. It works perfectly because I can send the reader to the center of a paragraph when I need to. Apparently it is now obsolete. I finally found the method to use the Section tag. I still use the same `href` but have Section instead of Name. I tried `<section id="Electronics"/> but that did not validate. I tried `<section id="Electronics"></section> but the validator claims I need a header. I tried `<section id="Electronics"> </section> with a space and then with a period. Nope again. I then used `<section id="Electronics"><h6>.<h6></section>` and the validator accepted it. However but now my paragraph is all messed up. Not only is there a blank line in the middle of the paragraph but any css for font size is not the same after the Section tag. Is there any CSS to defeat all defaults of the Section tag?I tried `section { display: inline;}` in my Style section but that did not work either. After all this exploration, maybe ther is a better way. I have 148 of these entries to fix. This whole problem revolves around my need to send the reader to a location within a paragraph: mot to the beginning of one and not to the end of one and to do it without messing up the style of my web page. Thoughts appreciated......
  4. ok, just quick... im getting this when trying to login: Unknown column 'e5035533a816cac4c54012281f58543d' in 'where clause' and this is my takelogin.php file: /*==========RUN LOGIN PROCEDURE===============*/$uname = sqlesc($_POST['username']); /*Form Names...*/$pass = sqlesc($_POST['password']); /*Form Names...*/if(isset($pass)){$passhash = md_5($pass); /*Securing The Data...*/}$query = "SELECT * FROM users WHERE username = $uname AND passhash = $passhash AND enabled = 'yes' AND status = 'confirmed'";$query_result = mysql_query($query)or die(mysql_error());//Running query to the DB...if(mysql_num_rows($query_result) == 1)/*if the DB returns somfthing, then run...*/{$row = mysql_fetch_array($query_result);$_SESSION['uid'] = $row['u_id'];$_SESSION['username'] = $row['username'];$_SESSION['pass'] = $row['passhash'];$_SESSION['status'] = $row['status'];$_SESSION['enabled'] = $row['enabled'];$_SESSION['email'] = $row['email'];$_SESSION['ip'] = $row['ip'];$_SESSION['class'] = $row['class'];$_SESSION['time_offset'] = $row['time_offset'];$_SESSION['dst_in_use'] = $row['dst_in_use'];$_SESSION['auto_correct_dst'] = $row['auto_correct_dst'];header('Refresh: 3; url=index.php');//with time delay...}else/*Error messeage...*/{$HTMLOUT .= "<center>Error reading login-session coding base, or a wrong username/pass inserted...</center>";header('Refresh: 3; url=index.php');//with time delay...}/*==========RUN LOGIN PROCEDURE===============*/ any ideas? Oo...
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